Twelve in Twelve-2016 My favourite photo from each month in 2016

At the end of each year I run through my photos from each month and try to pick my favourite. Some months I have so many to choose from that I agonise over which to choose (January, September and October in particular) and other months I really don't have a special shot due to a busy life and usually poor weather! March and December are good examples of the latter. So here is my 12 from this year. I hope you enjoy them.


In January I spent a weekend in Snowdonia and Anglesey. I had a hard time choosing from all the photos gained in that 48 hours but I love the tranquility of this 4 minute sunrise exposure of Llyn Padarn.


Winter sunrise on the River Avon. I followed these swans upstream for 10 minutes until they hit a patch of sun and mist.


Warwick Castle Sunset

Not a big month for great shots despite trips to Norfolk and the Peak District.In the end my favourite shot for March was 2 miles from home!.


I've taken thousands of images of Chesterton Mill. It's 5 minutes from home so an obvious choice but I've never seen storm clouds like this when I've been there. The light from the setting sun hit the bottom of the clouds and lit them up like the 'end of days' was coming!.


I keep saying "I wont shoot bluebells this year" as I have so many but there is something about them....


I was walking my dog in a local riverside park and saw a pair of swans with half a dozen or more cygnets so nipped home and grabbed my Olympus 40-150 pro and rattled off a few shots. The parents were very accommodating-perhaps too much so as each time I walked past over the next two weeks I noticed less and less cygnets. I guess out of control dogs being walked in the park killed some though I cant be sure.


Broadway Tower in Worcestershire is a few minutes drive from my 'in-laws' so when we visit I often pop up for a sunset shot. On this occasion I could see a great sunset developing but a bus load of Asian tourists were walking round taking photos. I silently cursed and wished them on their way but the last tourist stopped and viewed the setting sun and I grabbed this image. It looks much better with a human interest.


I've been wanting a shot of the farmer combine harvesting the wheat in front of the Mill for years. In my mind I wanted the spotlights from the Harvester lighting the crops in the gathering gloom. I didn't quite get that image but with the setting sun hitting a dusk rain shower and setting the cloud golden I wasn't complaining.


We took our sons to Wembley in September and combined it with a bit of culture. This is the British Museum shot with my Olympus 9-18mm-a great wideangle travel zoom. I love how the people look like Lowry figures.


One of my top three shots of the Mill. Ever. This was just a chance shot as I'd thrown my camera bag in the car and forgotten it still had my Olympus 40-150 pro and converter in it. This was shot from about a mile away and my usual lens would never have got this close. I waited until the rising sun caught the Cotswold stone of the Mill. I couldnt be happier with this. Normally I wouldn't have brought my camera on a dog walk and certainly not the telephoto lens so this was real serendipity.


This wasn't a planned shot. I'd driven to Bredon Hill to shoot the Malverns rising out of the mist but the mist claimed them. Instead I turned around and saw the early sun backlighting my dog (on the right) and our friends dog. They'd been playfighting and the steam was rising from their coats nicely..


Another last minute choice of location that paid off. I had a need to get out with my camera and chose Kenilworth Castle on the off-chance. Luckily there was a superb sunrise off to the right of this shot and it reflected beautiful pinks and mauve's onto the clouds above the castle.

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