BEING THE BEST ISN'T ENOUGH - but it worsen your situation to the point that they will wonder if you're prowess is really genuine.

I want to change the system. The system that was rotten in to the trash bin together with the unsegregated garbage located in the Boys Comfort Room with the disgusting smell that seems like it was synced. The real problem of the system are the officiating persons not the programs of it. Just like the Phil. Government, even though the land was full of riches, when the leaders are are dumb asses, diamonds become tin.

But i was wrong, really really wrong. I was wrong in the narrative of being rational, truthful and realist for the people are still in favor of those who are idealist, and quixotic. For if you became the rational person, rumors will come out destroying your reputation and making you come out like you've been destroying their dreams even you aren't.

For a moment, I became Sherlock Holmes, for he did good but the good thing he received a bad thing as a change.

But i know, i did what need to.

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