Denbigh Mental ASYLUM: The Truth Behind the Madness

Denbigh Mental Hospital 1848-1995

21 years after closure, Denbigh's Mental Asylum lies in the Welsh Countryside to rot. Follow the journey of the past, present and future of the hospital. Discovering stories from the inside unanswered truths and witnessing the Urban Explorer's that dare to venture into one of the most haunted buildings in Wales.

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'Architects Impression' 1845
'Opening of nurses home'- 1935
'Nurses at the Asylum'- 1920

Clywd Wynne

Author of 'North Wales Hospital, Denbigh 1842-1995', Clwyd is a retired nurse who spent most of his career working at the Asylum. He has fond memories of working at the hospital and has created his own book about the fascinating history behind the former North Wales Institution. After reading the book and becoming fascinated by the stories and pictures, I met up with Clwyd to ask him about his time working there and the future plans for the hospital.

Book- 'The North Wales Hospital' By Clwyd Wynne.

There was a time for work and a time to play,

A time to sing and a time to pray.

There were times to feel proud and times to feel glad,

times to feel safe and times to feel sad.

Some were scared and some were shy,

some would laugh and some would cry

The North Wales Hospital was a place for care,

though now only stories to remember and share.

Clwyd & Dafydd

Clwyd Nash & Dafydd Lloyd Jones are also retired staff from the North Wales asylum, they have been close friends for many years and now devote their time to Denbighshire's local museum to talk about their time working at the hospital and the fond memories they have. The museum is open every monday from 1:30pm, where you can see old pictures of the hospital at its prime and observe artefacts such as medication and old syringes used when operating in the 1800th's. Clwyd & Dafydd got talking to me whilst I was looking through an old photo album and were keen to tell me all about their experiences and memories of the asylum. Clwyd was the last person to lock the hospital 's doors back in 1995, yet both gentlemen feel extremely passionate about how the council have handled the closure of the hospital.


"Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE, and sometimes known as 'roof-and-tunnel hacking') is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment."


Emma & Nick are urban explorers from the North West, they enjoy exploring abandoned buildings and theme parks. This is their 4th visit to Denbigh's derelict Mental Hospital and one of their favourites sites. They often go at night to avoid the risk of being seen, and enjoy finding and documenting artefacts left by humans. Urban Exploring is extremely popular in todays society and rife in this location. Although some say its 'exploring' it can often bring unwanted attention to the local town and if caught, trespassers risk prosecution. Using a portable camera, Emma & Nick documented their journey into the abandoned mental hospital.

Emma & Nick's full journey...

Click to watch Emma & Nick's full GoPro journey into the asylum.

Urban exploring- through the lens


For more information on the past of the asylum, visit the The Denbigh Museum which is open every Monday from 1:30pm-4pm.

To follow other Urban Explorers like Emma & Nick visit-

Relatable programmes to this documentary include- 'Most Haunted Live: Denbigh Mental Asylum'.

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