Erick Valdovinos Digital photography 1, Period 4

Vancouver's first winter storm. It was a rough December, missed nearly of week of school due to ice and snow. Then to top it off Winter Break was just around the corner. It was a frigid morning, school had been cancelled and I had nothing to do. We were aloud to take pictures with our phones for once, and I took advantage of it. I stepped outside and instantly felt a cold blast across my face. I walked to the front of the truck and saw an opportunity for simplicity, leading lines, and point of view.

This photo was taken at Rocky Butte Park in Portland. I spent my Saturday looking for places to take pictures at, I came across this and realized how close it was to home. I took this photo because I thought it looked cool and took advantage of leading lines, and diagonals.

Also at Rocky Butte Park, I saw a random rubber material on a walls. I thought about how I could capture a simplistic photo, with the object in great focus adding simplicity and point of view.

I was standing in front of the Columbia River, or more like standing above it. I remembered seeing Instagram photos similar to the photo below and I thought it'd look cool, since it used rules of thirds, simplicity, and point of view.

It was a sunny day in around mid-October. This is my favorite photo that i took this year. I love the vibrant photo gleaming at your face. Having a great use of simplicity and point of view.

Artist Statement

I make my art because I have a passion for taking pictures, I love seeing/capturing different point of views. Art is a beautiful thing, it's everywhere. Photography has always been a thing that I like, I may not have proven that in this class, but I do find myself doing it as a hobby. Photography signifies beauty, peace, and perspective. A photo has a million interpretation. No one knows the real truth behind it. Left unknown and that unknown is what makes it unique. Photography to me is an escape, I use photography as an excuse to leave the house, it's just a slight passion that I truly enjoy.

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