Mountain Zebra Jason Bard (line of cut print)

The Mountain Zebra lives in Angola Namibia, Africa and is an endangered species. The main reason it is endangered species is because of habitat loss.

Requirements for the project....

  • Lines must extend off the page on 3/4 of the sides
  • Must have overlapping shapes
  • Variety of line work (Thick, thin, continues, etc.)
  • Background needs 1 (or two) uniform textures

When I was thinking on how I was going to do the project I had a few ideas. I wanted the zebra to be lying down near some water. I also wanted it to have it's head turned to one side and for it's eyes to be closed. I wanted to express a sad but yet hopeful feeling for the zebra.

Feed back:

Will: I like the idea of the zebras face being the main focus. Very interesting picture. Devan: Hard to tell what it is at first glance. Left picture looks more like the Zebra is laying down and relaxed. ..................................................................................... Max: Outlines look good, the line type of usage is done very well. Lots of detail. Robby: Looks very good, could have added tall grass or flowers to the foreground.

Here are some rough drafts on how i wanted the pictures to look like.

One problem I had with the drafts that I had was the positioning of the zebras head in relation to it's body. I found this quite difficult, but I eventually figured out a way to do it. Another problem I ran into as I was carving was the narrowing stripes of the zebra as it was fading on it's body. I fixed this by using less force as I was carving into the lanolin.

Design cut
Best Print


Overall I feel pretty good with how my final print came out. It could have probably been a bit better, if the print was more straight, and if there was some more ink on it. I am pretty happy with it since it took me over 20 prints to get what I wanted. I think the feelings of hope and sadness where shown quite well in the picture and I am very happy with how it all turned out.

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