The Grave Death of Iceman How he died

Materials From the Copper Age
The Copper Age Money

Who is Otzi [Iceman]?

Iceman, Otzi is the most prehistoric, intact mummy to date. He lived about 5,300 years ago, and died between the Austria and Italy border. Otzi was found by Helmet and Erika Simon, two German tourists that were on their way down from the Northern Alps. Otzi was covered in a sheet of ice and ice preserves organisms longer. Otzi also lived in the Copper Age.

Otzi with an arrow in his arm.

How Otzi Died

Scientist have conjured numeral theories on Otzi's death. What I believe for how Otzi died is, he fired an arrow, but instead of going forward, it hit him in the upper body instead. However, he attempted to recover from it by taking shelter, while he was trying to seal the blood wound, scientists believe that Otzi caught Hypothermia. He died due to blood loss and lacking enough body heat. There is evidence of this. There was bits of flint inflicted in Iceman's body which most likely came from the arrow head. Then, when he took cover, while he was trying to seal up his wound, he obtained Hypothermia. From the evidence and reasons, that is the most accurate theory on how Otzi died.


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