Media Training How to be prepared and poised

Best case scenario?

Best Case Scenario
  • Won an award
  • Story on successful LD schools
  • Scheduled to meet with Shara

Worst case scenario?

Worst Case Scenario
  • Missing kid
  • Suicide
  • Sexual abuse
  • Bullying
  • Child pornography
  • Aftermath of gunman on campus, destruction to property...etc.

How do crises become crises?

Overnight Explosion || OR || Bubbling Beneath the Surface

You May Know First

  • Parents may confide in teachers or admin
  • We have to communicate
  • Better safe than sorry

Potential Under-the-Surface Crises

  • Tuition increase
  • Rumors
  • Pranks
  • Lice
  • Faculty or staff leaving TJS or being fired
  • Anything a group of constituents can be upset about

Parking Lot Ambush

What types of questions might they ask you?


"Excuse me, do you know Mrs. Bumgarner?"

What Do I Say?

  • Do you have an appointment? I’d be glad to pass along your information to the right person.
  • If no appointment, “There are minor children on campus. We have to ask you to leave.”
  • One line to remember: I’m not a spokesperson for the School. Do you have a card I can give Katy Manning?
  • If they call, same thing – refer to Katy’s office.

What does Katy do?

Keep In Mind

  • You don't have to answer
  • No hands in camera - Anger makes news
  • Don't be rude
  • Don't say "No comment"
  • Keep your cool
  • No such thing as "off the record"
  • "I'm not a spokesperson"
  • The mic is not a subpoena
  • If it shouldn't be on the news, don't email, text, or write it
  • Stick to the message
Stick to the message!

Stick to the message: I’m not a spokesperson for the School. Do you have a card I can give Katy Manning?

  • If the message is right the first time, it's right every time - be a broken record
  • If it shouldn't be on the news, don't write, email, text it
  • Don't hand an email or FAQ sheet to parents or reporters

You Will Know When We Know

Faculty and staff will be the first group we gather to let know what's going on in the event of a crisis. You will have a party line.

Beware Tricks

  • Easy questions ("Do you know Mrs. Bumgarner?" "How long have you worked here?")
  • Can I ask you a quick question off the record?
  • Silence does not have to be filled
  • The mic is not a subpoena
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