The 3 Agricultural Revolutions By: Simon GRegeren

The First Agricultural Revolution

The First Agricultural Revolution- The first Agricultural Revolution was in between 10,000 BC and 2000 BC. At this time humans were hunting and gathering where they hunted their own food and ate their own food.When farming was introduced we kinda switched over to it and then we weren't hunting and gathering we were growing and harvesting.

The Second Agricultural Revolution

The Second Agricultural Revolution benefited and helped out with the industrial revolution and this started from about the 1700's to the 1900's. The two revolutions were all about machinery and that changed farming a lot because it created the first plow

Before the plow farmers had small tools and his family to do all the work themselves.So this revolution made farming easier to do, thisrevolution mostly happened to the developed countries.

The Third Agricultural

The Third Agricultural Revolution- More intensive technology is being made is being made, this revolution happened in the US furing the ninetenth century after world war two. This revolution changed farming a lot we now have automatic machines that do everything for us.

GMO's these are genetically modified organisms these make food grow faster and make food grow bigger.GMO's change farming a lot because they grow bigger faster so they can sell it quicker and get more money this is what is all over the market today. What are some pros and cons for GMO's? We can grow them quicker, they will feed more people but also they can cause diseases and sickness but still companies will sell them anyway.


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