Snow Crystals ALP

there is a snowstorm going on right now

Snowflakes are made of tiny Crystals that are frozen they are called Snow crystals.

Snow crystals are made of a little speck of dust,ash,pollen,salt or bacteria then water vapor sticks to the speck when the water vapor freezes to form a Snow crystal.

There are many types of snow crystals/snowflakes this is a dendrite,column,capped column,hallow column and needle. Thats all the types of snowflake/snow crystal.

Snowflakes are very delicate even one muscle moved and it breaks. Also it can not stay warm for too long if it does it will melt .

These are a couple of pictures that I found on snowflakes while looking up pictures of snowflakes

Well that all of the information I have too share with you bye.

So now i'm really done byeeeeeeeeee

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Alp Tanyel


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