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My name is Ashlyn Garrett. I am a junior at Arkansas State University acquiring my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. In our Advertising Design class this semester, we were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for the Foundation of Arts in Jonesboro. Please read on how I creatively provided solutions to a real challenge. I’m presenting this work because the campaign I have created will help the FOA get more donations. This is a tough time we are living in, and this organization needs donations now more than ever. I want to thank the FOA for the opportunity to advertise for the love and value of all artistic expression.


The objective of this project was to come up with a “Big Idea” for how to acquire donations and to carry it through into a complete campaign. These print and Instagram ads show my skill in copywriting, and the final product ties both print and social media ads together cohesively.

Although class fees, fundraising, and ticket sales help to aid in the FOA’s financial status, their marketing goal is always to acquire donations. I designed this campaign to acquire more donations from both the existing pool of donors and a new group.


The target audience is people in Northeast Arkansas and Southern Missouri areas who have at least some disposable income. For theatre, entire family units would be targeted. Most donors are between the ages of twenty and forty without children. Older people who have grown up taking part in the FOA would especially be targeted because they would want others to have the same experiences they had.

This organization is part of and serves the community, which brings people together and gains community trust. The community can then be taught collaboration and team-building skills. Donors can get a tax deduction when they donate, which means that they get that money back. They also have a powerful sense of community and ultimately, they feel good knowing they could help a non-profit organization. Younger donors get the benefit of being able to put a record of their help with the FOA on resumes. Studies have even shown that companies want employees who are more creative, showing that creativity is beneficial in all professional pursuits.

In my research for this project, I found out how to get people to donate to something that doesn’t always directly benefit them. Appealing to the emotions of the target audience is always a sure-fire way to get their attention.

Creative Work:

My Big Idea for this campaign, “Don’t want to create? DONATE” is to appeal to donors who normally would not take part in artistic endeavors. I had an idea for the headline “Let’s Get Messy!”, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that most donors don’t actually get messy. Instead, they provide the mess. I have extended this idea through three different print ads that cover art classes, music, and theatre. The campaign could stretch into all aspects of the FOA, from ballet to children's art programs. The headlines provide enough information to the target audience and communicate the desired action. This campaign appeals to all people who appreciate the arts but either do not believe they possess the talent or do not have the time anymore to create it.

When extending this idea to social media, I recreated a print ad with a similar headline to tie Instagram posts with the print ads. My captions and ideas for these posts came from programs listed on the FOA’s website.

I used the same colors and typefaces in every post, which were the same as my print ads. This provided a more cohesive look for the FOA Instagram profile and the campaign as a whole.


In summary, my big idea targets the correct audience the FOA wants to reach. It appeals to all ages who care about the arts and the impact it makes on the community. I want to thank you for taking the time to look at my campaign and giving me the opportunity to share my ideas in this format.

For further questions or more work, please contact me at

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