True friendship By Asler Santos

Asler Santos 12/10/16

Friendship is something very important in everyone’s life. In the article “ Friendship in an Age of Economics” by Todd May, he discusses the definition of a true friendship and it also talks about 3 different types of friendships. Todd’s view of a true friendship “ is that they are a matter not of or return but of meaning.” Todd’s quote is saying that friendships are not just for pleasure and usefulness. Friendships are being vulnerable and honest with that person, and having an impact in their lives.

Are always there for you when you need them.

My definition of a true friendship is someone that will step into your life and never leave no matter the up and downs that you and that friend will go through during that time. A true friendship is the kind of friendships that never ends no matter what there’s always that one person that will be in your life. They also are the friends that are there for you when you need them, and that never turn their backs against you when need them the most. A true friendship is when you and the other person have eachother’s back and have trust in each other, and even though that friendship might not always be good doesn't mean it isn't a true friendship because that's what your friend is there for to be there for the ups and down with you.

Real friend never leave your side

In the book Of Mice and men there is a true friendship quality between George and Lennie. Even though lennie has trouble with everything because of his disability George still loves Lennie not matter what. Their friendship is considered a true friend to me because they have known each other for years and they truly care about one another. Lennie and george grew up together and they have always been there for each other through thick and thin. Even when George calls Lennie names like a “ Dumb bastard “ Lennie does not get upset because he knows that George care for him. Their relationship is strong because they are always together and they are never lonely because they have one another and they go to places and work to make their dream come true.

True friends are there for the ups and downs... no matter what.

In the book Of Mice and Men the friendship between George and Lennie fits in my definition of a true friendship. Even though their friendship isn't always good because either lennie does things that messes everything up for him and George, they still have each other’s backs. George cares too much about Lennie to just abandon him for whenever he messes up. Their friendships has its ups and downs and they still stick together because that's what is means to be in a true friendship.

A true friendship should always be valued because you never know what can happen. A true friendship has benefitted my life in a way that I will always look forward to keeping that friendship with my friend. I've know this friend since me and him were about 4 years old. My friends name is Xavian and he has always been there and especially for when i needed him the most. There are things in life that you can't control, like for example the lost of a family member and that's where that true friends can come into place. True friends will be there for you when no one else can because they truly know you and how you are. That friendship should always be valued because it's okay to have that one person not matter if its same sex friend or a different sex friend.

You will always have that one true friend that will never leave your side

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