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For my survey I chose basketball for topic, I chose basketball because it was a easy topic that I know a lot about. I also chose this topic because it is a very popular sport and most people know information about basketball. I mainly chose basketball to do my survey on because I know a lot about this sport and I knew it would be easier to come up with questions for this survey. In my survey I ask different types of questions like who do you think is the best three point shooter of all time in the NBA. I also ask questions about college basketball like who do you think is the best college basketball team in 2017.

In my survey I asked ten questions that were all multiple choice, and for each question I gave three choices and a option that said other. I gave that option so people can put their opinion, if they did not think any of three choices was the right answer. Nine out of the ten questions people chose the option other, because they did not agree with any of the choices that were given. In my survey I try to show that most people have a different opinion on the NBA and college basketball. When people ask who is the best player to ever play in the NBA, most people will have all kinds of different opinions.

In my survey I found that most people chose other for each question. I was surprised that most people chose this option because I thought the choices that were on the survey were the top choices most people would put. I found out that only half of the people that answered my survey think Michael Jordan is the best player of all time the other half chose other because they had a different opinion. I was also surprised when most people put other for the question who do you think is the best NBA team of 2017. I gave the choices of Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls. I put these options thinking they were the best options but most people disagreed.

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