Guide to Survive in the Trenches of WWI Stephen Valvo

The Machine Gun


The machine gun can fire a lot if bullets in a short period of time. These were very useful when soldiers from the other side came out of their trenches to try to overtake your trenches. About 90 percent of soldiers were killed by machine guns.

A Strong Helmet


A helmet is extremely important because it helps protect the wearer from shell fire and shrapnel. It also enabled soldiers to stick their head out of the trench and not die from a sniper. Soldiers that did not have proper helmets, if any, may have gotten a deformed face from the shells and shrapnel ("Apocalypse").

A Gas Mask


The gas mask was used to protect against poisonous gasses. Some gasses were mustard gas, chlorine, and phosgene. The gas mask had a filter of charcoal to keep the user from inhaling the gas ("Imperial").

A Trenching Tool


The trenching tool was very important because it allowed the soldiers to stay alive. It enabled them to hold rough and deadly lines. Without the trenching tool millions more would have died.

Food and Water


Many soldiers hated the food that was served, but they were stuck in the trenches for years. Eating hot meals was very rare because they did not want smokey fires attracting any attention to the location (Lee). The meals that the soldiers got were hardly nutritious.

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