World War II jalen whittaker

English children in bomb dugout

The picture above is showing kids hiding in a bomb dugout. A bomb dugout is a hole to help protect you from an awaiting bomb. This is unfortunate to look at because those kids are fearful that they will never be able see another day. Being in this situation would make me frightened especially being the age of those boys and girls. This would also miserable to have to remember for the rest of your life.

Children living in poverty in Valetta, Malta CA

The photograph above shows children's' living quarters during WWII. Most of the money was used for the armed forces therefore leaving people with little to no money. These kids don't have a good house to sleep in, a shower to bathe in, or enough food to satisfy their needs. Without these needs, many children had poor hygiene, were starving, and had little sleep. This picture has shows me how I need to be more appreciative for the little things I take for granted.

Image of starving children from:

The image above shows kids who haven't eaten in days. During WWII, children died from starvation, low nutrition, and diseases. This is because many people lived in poverty and couldn't afford food, or get medical treatment. I couldn't imagine not knowing when my next meal is, or not having medical assistance when needed. This is another reason that shows how strong adolescent were during World War II because they didn't have recourses they needed.

A young kid in the war:

During the WWII, many of the youth wanted to fight in the war. They would be trained to fight, and sent out to battle for their respected country. These kids would see different things that even adults today have never seen before. After World War II, children would often have flashbacks from the war. These would cause nightmares, quick temperament, anxiety, etc. This is a awful thing to have to live with seeing repeated pictures of people you love being killed, bombings, etc. Also, these kids aren't mature enough to be in any armed force.


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