Digital literacy?

Definitions of the nature and scope of digital literacy:

The nature and scope of digital literacy is to ensure peoples can develop and function in a digital world. It will also develop people's understanding of how to be responsible digitally and ensure they are aware of how their digital footprint can affect them.

The role of digital literacy in the lives of adults and young people:

Digital literacy plays an important role within adult and young people's lives. Although young people are much more exposed and developed in the use of digital technologies and tools. Although the older generation are not always as up to date with the use of digital tools, everyone needs to have an understanding on how to use these tools and technologies to function in the digital world. Marc Prensky's immigrants V's natives argument enforces this. Digital literacy allows people to communicate and learn quickly, easily and efficiently.

The impact of not being digitally literate on adults and young people:

Not being Digitally literate would result in people who have issues functioning fully within our society, communication will be slower and job prospects could be hindered. This would also hinder a person's ability to learn and develop, as digital tools and technologies are beginning to be a huge aspect of the learning experience.

Factors that motivate adults and young people to want to gain digital literacy skills:

To motivate people to want to develop their digital literacy skills, practitioners could include using fun and innovative ways to develop their skills, remind them that digital literacy will not only develop them in a professional way, but socially aswel.cDigital literacy allows a person to communicate quickly, and keep up to date with current affairs.

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