TOE CEE By:Xee Lor

My Claim: The concept that was learned is that the better our car design is the more GPE is transformed into KE.

My Evidence: We made two prototypes, the first prototype have a velocity of 8.16 and only transformed 397.48 joules of GPE into KE. Our second prototype was much faster. It had mass on top of it to make it go faster. The velocity of it was 9.29 and our second prototype transformed 517.5 joules of GPE into KE.

My Explanation: Our second prototype was able to go faster because it had mass on top of it, unlike the first one. It was also able to go faster because even though it had mass on top of it, it was much lighter than our first one. In other words, the higher something is, the more potential energy is available. By moving the weight back in a car, we're increasing the amount of potential energy by shifting the center of gravity higher up.

Our Second Prototype

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