Patriot's Pen BY Alois

She is determined to destroy whomever hurts her until they are defeated. She will never surrender or kneel to her enemies, never! Her enemies will be crying for mercy and she doesn’t tap out of a fight.

America gives us freedoms. She gives us the right to worship any religion, the right to free speech, to own a gun, and the opportunity to receive a great education.

She is the justice for the world. When countries are bullied into submission she fights for them, like in Europe, Kuwait, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. She liberates them so that the country may enjoy the freedoms that we have.

I make sure that I give reverence to veterans, I say ‘Thank You’, hold the door for them, and shake their hand.

She gives them a great system of capitalism to work off of, a system like no other that gives anyone the chance to make millions by what their hearts desire, not what the government tells them to do.

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