Gases and Composition of Air Lily Saxton 8g

Gases - A substance which expands freely to fill spaces.
Nitrogen - Nitrogen is very important in the chemical industry. It helps makes fertilisers, acids and can be reacted with other gases (hydrogen) to produce ammonia. About 70% of Nitrogen is in the worlds atmosphere. Nitrogen is unreactive. Nitrogen can be harmful to the environment in large doses, it is emitted from cars and factories from the pollution.
Oxygen - Oxygen has a main use which animals and humans use for respiration. Oxygen helps many people who have breathing issues. 20% of the world's atmosphere is oxygen. Which is good because it keeps us alive.
Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Dioxide is breathed in by plants, and breathed in by us humans. Carbon Dioxide is used in fire extinguishers. Carbon Dioxide can be used to help make carbonated drinks (makes them bubbly) this is because it puts gas into the beverage. 0.04% of the world's atmosphere is Carbon Dioxide.
Hydrogen - Hydrogen can be used to fuel rockets as it is very flammable. If liquid hydrogen is combined with oxygen it will create a mini explosive.
Pie Chart and Column Chart to show gas Levels in the atmosphere.
Thank you for reading! - Hope this helped!


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