Vietnam: A Hundred Years of Conflict By: Kate carr

This is the Vietnamese flag.

Before the War

Before Vietnam split into two countries. It was controlled by France as a colony. And known as Indochine. Because. they were a colony they had no say in what happened to the country (France). For example the United States has control over parts of the Virgin Islands but, they are a country so, they don't get a vote. This applies to France (United States) and Vietnam (Virgin Islands).

The First "War"

Vietnam went through two wars. First in 1954 when France lost control over Vietnam during a Geneva convention. Then the country split into two, North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh chose its government, communist and they wanted South Vietnam to join them. The south declined. It was war.

The Second War

During the War between North and South Vietnam America was in a Cold War with Russia. So, when America caught wind of Russia helping Vietnam they went to war as well but, on the side of South Vietnam. The North was backed by Russia, China, North Korea, Pathet Lao, Khmer Rouge and North Korea. And the South consisted South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Khmer Republic, Taiwan. This war started the beginning of guerrilla warfare.

After the War

After the Vietnam War. The North Vietnam gained control of the South Vietnam. Because of the United States withdrawl in 1973 and lack of funding Vietnam became one country and South Vietnam became a state. After all of the fighting South Vietnam lost and became a communist country. In April of 2016 Tran Dai Quang became the president with Nguyễn Xuân Phúc as the Prime Minster.

Government Before

France was a republic. And, a republic is a state in which the most power is held by the people and the representatives.

This is an example of a republic the people looking up to their chosen leader.

Government After

North Vietnam was a communist country. Communist is a type of government and an economic system. Individual people do not own anything. Instead the government owns everything.

This is a example of communism.


1892- France takes control of Vietnam as a colony.

1930- Ho Chi Hinh forms a communist party.

1946- The Vietnam war begins.

1955- America joins the war.

1975- The Vietnam War ends and Vietnam becomes one country under communist rule.


Down on the Southeastern side of the island is the city Ho Chi Minh named after the creator of the Vietnamese communist party. It is one of the top tourist cities according to Google's Travel Guide. 1. Hanoi is also the biggest city in Vietnam located on the Northeastern side of Vietnam because Hanoi is the capitol of Vietnam many people live there. Near Hanoi is Hai Pong another city is also located on the Northeastern side of the country. 2. Most people live in the cities near the coast because those cities have lots of ships and trade. 3. Few or little people live in the country near Thailand and China because they don't want to live on the mountains.

Agents of Change

One of the agents of change that was involved in the Vietnam War was Ho Chi Minh. He was the leader of the communist party in North Vietnam. He brought about a lot of change in the world and not in a good way. Ho Chi Min started the Vietnam War that got America, China, and France involved. Ho Chi Minh was set in the ways of communism and continued with the war even though he was costing a lot of Vietnam civilians their lives. A lot of people in America got really mad at President Dwight Eisenhower for drafting people into Vietnam even though it wasn't even America's fight. So, in conclusion Ho Chin Minh brought about lots of change to the world not all of it was good change but, change indeed,

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