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My name is Jarod Ray Johnson, I am 16 years old and I am a junior at Perquimans County High School. I have my own personal dog named Buster, he is a golden retriever-red lab mix. I enjoy pop, hip-hop, rap, and soul music. Some of my favorite artists are Ray Charles, Parson James, and James Arthur. My favorite activity is probably volunteering, or helping others in some way. I am also a covenant member at Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church.

I like to help people in whatever way I can, even if it’s just giving them a dollar, or helping them study, it’s one of the things that I love to do, something that keeps me going. This is one of the reasons I am interested in the Medical field, because it is such a good way to help others in a significant way. This is also the reason I enjoy being in multiple different clubs and organizations that are volunteer-oriented such as the Ruritan club and Rotary interact. I am a honors student in AIG, and in multiple different clubs and organizations. I spent the summer of 2016 at Camp Rockfish, a summer camp outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina and it was the best experience of my life thus far.

I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved from there to Hertford when I was 3 years old for my father’s promotion. I am the youngest of 4 sons, my 3 older brothers are 19, 24, and 29. My 19 year old brother Nicolas is going to college right now, my 24 year old brother Michael is a manager of a company in Charleston, South Carolina, and my 29 year old brother Matthew is going to college and has a wife named Kiriel.

I am interested in pursuing either the Medicine or Business field after I graduate high school. I am in HOSA which is a club for Future Health Professionals, it is a club in which you compete, and if you do well enough you can advance to states, and then all the way to nationals, I have done it for 2 years, and gotten 3rd place at Districts both years. I have gone to states both years, but have not made it to Nationals yet. I enjoy this club a lot because it is a really good enrichment experience, you learn a lot about medicine, and different careers that you can pursue, and you can gain a lot of future opportunities through this organization. I also was in FBLA which is Future Business Leaders of America my freshman year, but I don’t think that the club is offered anymore at this school. It is also a good learning experience for people that are interested in pursuing the business field after high school.

I am currently interested in maybe attending Appalachian State University. If I don’t go to college, I want to either go straight into the business field, start working with my brother at his business, then build my way up to make my own business, or I may pursue a career in the Air Force. If I go to college I want to go to a college far away from Hertford, hopefully in a pretty decent sized town. I’m not big on the small town life, I don’t feel like there are enough opportunities here for me, and I would like to be somewhere that I can be exposed to more opportunities than what I am right now. I want to help out as much as I can, but not receive the recognition for it, that’s why I never try to take officer positions, even though my advisors say that I should, I would rather do a lot of work, and let someone earn the recognition for it. I’m not sure, and I don’t have a set plan for my future quite yet, but I know that no matter what I end up doing, I will love it, and be glad that I’m doing it. I will make more than enough money to provide for me and my future family. And I will help my community as much as I can, by being in different organizations like the Ruritan Club, and the Grand Masonic Lodge.

According to the Appalachian State University Website, Appalachian State University is located in Boone, North Carolina. The Dougherty brothers founded Watauga Academy in 1899 with the dream of helping children in North Carolina, and this tiny academy quickly evolved into a school preparing quality teachers to serve our state and beyond. Known as one of North Carolina’s greatest educators, Dr. Dougherty led the institution for 50 years. Appalachian State has 54% female students and 46% male students. Appalachian State has a large variety of different clubs and activities suited to fit all interests and talents of every different individual person. There are many service projects and organizations that are open to all. There are 20 NCAA Division 1 Sports offered at Appalachian State University. There are a lot of different jobs offered to students on and off campus to help students earn a little extra cash. Appalachian State University is one of 16 universities in the University of North Carolina System of Higher Learning. There are more than 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered at Appalachian. Appalachian also offers studying abroad opportunities for students. The student to faculty ratio is 16:1 and the average class size is 27. Cost for one school year is $14,416 in state and $28,932 out of state. This includes tuition and fees for 12+ credit hours, standard option meal plan, standard room and board, and most textbooks (About Appalachian State University).

According to the East Carolina University website, East Carolina University is located in Greenville, North Carolina and was founded in 1907. East Carolina University is home to 12 different colleges/universities. One of the colleges offered is the Honors college which is a very rigorous and difficult program to become a participant of, there are a lot of requirements just to apply to it, and then if you are one of the first 100 people accepted your college is paid for up to 4 years, you have to pay nothing! There are 58% female students and 42% male students. East Carolina University offers a variety of different clubs and activities, and they offer NCAA Division 1 Athletics. The cost of tuition and fees is reduced dramatically for residents of North Carolina. Tuition for students during the 2015-2016 school year was $4,157, with fees of $2,423, bringing the total yearly cost for these full-time undergrads to $6,580 (About ECU).

According to the Western Carolina University website, Western Carolina University was founded in 1889, it is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina, it is the westernmost university in North Carolina. Western Carolina is ranked as one of the top 15 public regional institutions in the south. Western Carolina offers over 120 degrees, minors, and concentrations. Their student to faculty ratio is 16:1. 56% of students are females and 44% are males. Western Carolina is a part of the Southern Conference of NCAA Division 1 Athletics. Undergraduate in-state tuition and fees, not including housing and dining, is $4,315. Graduate in-state student tuition and fees is $4,396 (About Western Carolina University).

Pharmacists are responsible for the distribution of medicine and other over the counter prescriptions in various different places, such as hospitals, pharmacies, shopping centers, etc. Pharmacy is just one of the many branches of the broad Medical field. Pharmacists make $121,500 per year, or $58.41 per hour. The educational level required is a doctorate degree, they also must be licensed which requires passing licensure exams. The number of jobs in the United States in 2014 was 297,100 with a 3% rate (Pharmacists).

Registered nurses are one of the many different kinds of nurses, and they are responsible for providing and coordinating patient care, they provide emotional support to family members and friends. You need to have a bachelor’s degree for this occupation. Registered nurses make $67,490 a year or $32.45 per hour. There are 2,751,000 of these occupations as of 2014 with a 16% increase outlook (Registered Nurses).

Physician Assistants work with other physicians and other healthcare workers, they work to examine, diagnose, and treat patients. Physician Assistants must have a Masters degree and must be licensed. Physician Assistants make $98,180 per year or $47.20 per hour. There are 94,400 of these occupations as of 2014 with a 30% increase outlook (Physician Assistants).

Top executives are the head of management at companies and are in charge of producing plans to help the company stay on task. They are charged with the task of ensuring the company meets its goals and does its promised job. They work in almost every setting, ranging from small family owned businesses to top companies. It takes a bachelor’s degree and normally around 5 years of work in related fields to build your way up. They make on average $102,690 per year or $49.37 per hour, but it all depends on what company they work for and where they are at. There are 2,467,500 of these jobs in the United States as of 2014. There is a 6% job outlook (Top Executives).

Sales Managers are tasked with leading companies sales teams and setting an amount of sales that they want to reach by a certain deadline. They look at past sales and determine what they need to do to improve sales. It takes a bachelor’s degree and you usually need to work less than 5 years in a similar field to attain this job, to build your way through the ranks. Sales managers make on average $113,860 per year or $54.74 per hour, but it all depends where they are located and who they are working for. There are 376,300 of these occupations in the United States as of 2014, with a 5% job outlook (Sales Managers).

Computer hardware engineers are tasked with researching, designing and developing new hardware that will help enhance computers and processing systems. They then will test these hardwares to ensure that they work properly and will make any adjustments necessary. It takes a bachelor’s degree to be a computer hardware engineer, and computer hardware engineers make on average $111,730 per year or $53.72 per hour. There are 77,700 of these occupations in the United States as of 2014, there is only a 3% job outlook (Computer Hardware Engineers).

Mathematicians are tasked with developing new principles and how to use advanced math to solve real world problems, they are very useful and needed in the development of buildings or the production of things like aircraft and spacecraft. You need to have a Master’s degree to become one, and they make on average $111,110 per year or $53.42 per hour. There are 3,500 of these occupations in the United States as of 2014 with a 21% job outlook which is much faster than average (Mathematicians).

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"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present" -Jim Rohn

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