Ancient Rome

Mediterranean sea, Ionian sea, Black sea, Spain is nearby and Greece is nearby

Rome is the capital of Italy in Europe. In ancient Rome you have a old coliseum the old coliseum was used for entertainment. People would watch gladiator fights in the coliseum. The temperature in Ancient Rome the summers are warm and mild and the winter are cold. Rome being near Mediterranean climate there is rainfall throughout the whole.

A city named in ancient Rome is called Turin. Turin has a historic site called the Palatine Tower. A landmark in ancient Rome is The forum of Caesar. Caesar decided to construct a building for his deeds . In time Caesar became more involved in the project. The forum of Caesar became a place of business.

The Forum of Caesar^ The Palatine Tower^

What would the Romans do for entertainment? In Ancient Rome people would watch gladiator fights. These gladiator fight would happen in The Old Coliseum. Some people would watch chariot racing. for enjoyment

Chariot racing ^ Gladiator fight^

For theater they would have shows that where for free. The people in ancient Rome would come to these shows and enjoy the comedies and tragedies. These shows were often based form Greek beliefs. Ancient Rome culture. Ancient Rome culture came from the Greeks and the Etruscan's.

What kind of food that the Romans eat? The Romans eat a variety of things. They ate Bread,meat and fish. The Romans would drink plain simple water or Wine. The rich had dinner party's in the trillium. These party's would often last up to 8 hours. When the Romans ate they would not sit on tables (the rich). Only small children and slaves were around to sit around the the table.

The wealthy lived on beautiful houses on hills that were sometimes far away from the poor people. The poor lived at the very unstable buildings that could collapse or catch fire. The men had the most power in the family. If the father ever died the son would get a allowance.Temples were built throughout the empire. These temples are considered the home of god.

The temple of Hercules

The languages they spoke were Latin and Greek.

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