Ten Technology Tips By Zack Bonza-brodie

Trouble #1= If Pop Ups Keep Coming Up

Tip #2= How to download anti-virus software

Tip #3 Look to see if a problem with your computer is phsical

Always look to see if a problem is physical. It could be a problem with the cords being plugged into your computer or the power source. If your computer wont turn on this is probably the issue.

Tip #4 What to do if your computer is running slow

Tip #5 Back up your data on a regular basis

Tip #6 Never buy anything sent by email or open links in emails

Buying things through email is never a good idea. When you buy things through email you don't always get what you want. For example a email asking you to buy anti-virus software, could actually be malware or just useless code.

Trouble #7 Is your internet working?

Trouble #8 Is your software up to date

Tip #9 Stay safe on public wifi

Tip #10 If all else goes wrong

If everything goes wrong and you have no idea what to do you can always call costumer service. It might not be the best best option but its a option.

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Zachary Bonza-brodie


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