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He was the first the very first president of the United States of America. He was a steady leader,intelligent, and honest person. He was also one of the founding fathers. The judicy act of 1789 consist of three levels of federal court and defined the powers and relationship to state courts.During the French Revaluation, most Americans wanted to remain neutral.They were not to take any sides with European war.Not everyone agreed with his discussion, and even James Madison question him at this time. The Whiskey Rebellion was when the angered farmers lashed out against the tax on whiskey. They would tar and feather tax collectors,they would call them selves the "New Sons Of Liberty". Washington was fed up with all of the rebels so he led his army to town and through the rebellion.The rebels end up fleeing so no battle occurred.The Jay Treaty settled the disputes that had risen between Great Britain and The United States in the 1790's. Washington wanted to prevent another war. The Pickney's Treaty established and settled the border and trades disputes with Spain in October 1795. During Washington's farewell address he had mentioned that he was "tired of public life" and strongly wished for retirement. His warnings were to not borrow money, and not to make permenate ties with other foreign countries.When he was no longer president Washington's cabinet kept him informed on political matters. The people that were involved were Henry Knox as the secretary of war,Thomas Jefferson as secretary of state,Edmund Randolph as attorney general,and Alex Hamiltonian as secretary of treasure.


John Adams was the second president of the united states.He was federalist, but he also was not as well liked in the south and west. He was apart of the Democratic republican party, he wanted to limit the federal governments power.He was though to be cold and distant, but later on he was noticed for his work. The alien and seduction acts in 1798 the federalist controlled congress, they passed four laws names the alien and seduction acts. This was thought be unconstitutional.They disagreed with the republicans about feeling sorry for the french .In the election of 1800 led to the 12th amendment was seen as the end of the early republic because of the ''Articals of Confederation'' and the constitution. The election was able to let the system of the government to carry the nation in a more successful way.The amendment created a separate ballot for president and vice president. The foreign Policy:x,y,z affair,John Adams had to follow Washington around a lot,so he had to work hard to get the people to like him as much as they liked George Washington. Marbury v. Madison was a case that helped establish the supreme courts power to check the other powers of the branches.Adams thought ahead and created 16 new federal judgeship that president Adams Filled with federalist.


Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He was a dem-republican. One of his goals while he was in office was to select members from his cabinet. In the election of 1800-leading to the 12th amendment his speech was very suttle and quiet. But he also wanted to make it clear that he supported the will of the majority. Also, limited government.It lea to making a separate ballot for president an vice.During the Marbury v. Madison, he was not really affected he just became president. During the Lewis and Clark expansion was in the western area. For the foreign policy Jefferson banned trade with other foreign countries.


New Orleans and the Mississippi River was important for farmersbecaethat is where a lot of trade happend with native americans

Napoleon's plan for Louisiana was to build an empire for France .His plan failed horribly.

Napoleon gave Louisiana to America was because he needed money for military supplies and he wanted to get America big to give the British a challenge. The deal was 15 million for the land.

Pros-bigger land, Napoleon wont try to take over American. Cons-Lost 15 million dollars, will more of a threat to other countries.


James Madison was the fourth President of the United States.He was also a republican.

JULY 1812- General William Hull enters Canada,first of three failed attempts made by United States to invade Canada.The British force the surrender of of for michilimakeriners. SEPTEMBER 1813- Captain Perry defeats British at lake Erie. AUGUST 24- British burn Washington dc for the burning of New York. Madison flees capital. DECEMBER 24-Treaty of Ghem. American and British Diplomats agree to the terms and return to normal. JANUARY 1815-Andrew Jackson defeats British at New Orleans.


James Monroe served as the 5th president of the United States, and he was a republican.He was apart of the "Era of good feelings'' when it was a time of peace,pride, and progress.When the USA gained Florida the first thing Monroe did was send troops to Sucre the border. Monroe Doctrine was an exclusive statement of american policy warning European powers to not interfere with Americans. He got was concerned about all of the European countries wanting to take over the USA. Henry Clay and the Missouri Compromise settled the conflicts from Missouri's application for statehood. Erie Canal improved roads by making It allowed to make goods and people to move between towns on lake Erie, New York and the East Coast.


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