Preseason Lacrosse Player Performance Development Train with an NSS Lacrosse Performance Professional

The skills needed to be a great lacrosse player are endless. The fitness and performance levels of a lacrosse player need to be at the highest level. The call for dedication to the sport is one of the strongest in the athletic world. We understand finding time to train for strength outside of the game is one of the biggest challenges! That is why our NSS Lacrosse Performance Professionals ensure that the game and training for performance gains and fitness are one in the same.

Be professional, regardless if you get paid

At NSS, our Lacrosse Performance Professionals understand the needs of lacrosse players. We understand the high energy of play required, the amount of movement with and without the ball, and the desire and hustle to maintain possession of the ball. Our priority is to cement a player's focus needed to finish with the pressure of the limited chances that are offered in the game...We get IT!

Translation to the game

With limited time available off the field, an NSS Lacrosse Performance Professional understands the need for performance training that connects skills like speed, quickness, fitness, power, agility, flexibility, balance, tempo, strength, and use of the core directly to the game. Our drills and exercises have a direct connection to the sport you love. The winter is the perfect time to prepare for all the physical and athletic needs that will be thrown your way in the coming spring. Your coaches and teammates will notice your weaknesses have become strengths and this will put you in the best position to keep your starting spot, or to step up into the role you have been after!

Physical Demands

The game of Lacrosse is athletic and physical. Physical skills need to stay strong until the last second. Practicing quickness combined with use of peripheral vision, the ability and agility to change direction, to take the proper angles to collect the ball, the strength and physical ability to deal with the aggressive play, the ability to use explosive play to open up position and pull away, the ability to mirror other players effortlessly with the unpredictable play of players and at times the unpredictability of the bounce of the ball, the ability to handle pressure, pass with precision and immediately move without the ball, are all important skills we aim to improve in our athletes. This is just a short list, that an NSS Lacrosse Performance Professional takes into account when designing your program.

Let’s get started!

Set yourself apart when you train with an NSS Lacrosse Performance Professional. You will dominate your opponents and cement your spot on your team!

Unlimited Performance Sessions as low as $99.00/month

Private one on one Sessions as low as $60.00/hour

Give Connor a call (845) 416-5181


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