Holy people of the Middle Ages By: chaytin Lea

Pope Leo IX: The Great Schism 1054 was split between Eastern Western Christian Churches was led by Pope Leo IX.

Pope Leo IX:He became a Pope on February 12, 1049 and got the name Leo l lX

Pope Leo lX: He aimed to eliminate what he believed were the Church's evils clerical marriage simony lay investiture.

St Dominic: St Dominic was trained for the Priesthood by a Priest-Uncle.

St Dominic: St Dominic studied the arts and theology.

St Dominic: St Dominic was a Spanish priest who lived from 1170 - 1221 and founder of the Dominican Order of friars and nuns.

St Francis of Assisi: St Francis of Assisi Created an order were all members took a vow of poverty and Worshiped God.

St.Francis: St Francis of Assisi left a life a luxury and became a Christian after hearing God's voice.

St Francis of Assisi St Francis of Assisi renowned for drinking and partying ,when he was young after prison he heard God's voice.


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