THE CONTENDER By: Robert lipsyte

Author's Bio -Lipsyte was born on January 16, 1938, in New York City, the son of Fanny and Sidney I. Lipsyte. He grew up in Rego Park, a neighborhood in the New York city borough of Queens. Lipsyte’s father was a school principal, his mother a teacher. Young Robert devoted his childhood to books rather than sports. Instead of sharing a game of catch with his father, the two often visited the library. Robert's son, Sam Lipsyte, is also an author and teacher at Columbia University in New York.

Genre, Theme, Setting- The book the Contender about a young black African American teenager that lives with his aunt and her kids. But when life starts to go crazy for him he turns to boxing.

Plot Summary- Alfred is a young black African American boy who lives with his aunt. He is a drop out of high school. When his best friend goes to jail. He doesn't know what to do because his life starts to fall apart.

Main Character- Alfred is the main character in the book, it says he is about six feet tall. And that he is strong.

Main Character James- James is Alfred bestfriend he is also African American, and a drop out

Main Character- Aunt Pearl- She is in her mid-50's and she is has 4 kids and Alfred lives with them to.

Main Character-Donatelli- Donatelli is a main character because he is the reason Alfred started boxing and because he teaches a lot of good moral lessons in the book.

Theme-The theme of the book is about how a black African American who learns life is not always easy. And also that life doesn't always go to plan. But, that when you get hit in the mouth that you have to keep going and, never give up on life.

Primary Conflict- The primary conflict in this book is that when James goes to jail, Alfred must learn to defend himself against a gang who are saying it is his fault. And Alfred find Donatelli's gym and he stars boxing. When he learns that he could be a good boxer he starts going against people and trying to win money for his family and he does and he gets james out of jail. That is how the primary conflict is solved in this book.


Knockout- An act of knocking someone out.

Ring- What the boxers boxing in.

Gloves- What they use use to box.

Bell- What starts and stops the fight.

Boxing- A sport.

This book is a very good exciting book. I would recommend to anyone who likes sports and action. Fun, exciting and, interesting.

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