exploring the past with L.M. Elliott

I appreciate that she is telling history stories in interesting new ways, and bringing back real live experiences in detail.

--Alexa D.

The fact that the pilots had to plug in their underwear and risk getting shocked to stay warm made an impression on me. Your visit made me really want to read Under a War Torn Sky.

--Rebecca E.

Thank you so much! You've given me so much to think over and lots of inspiration for my own writing! I definitely was inspired by your lifestyle and your constant, non-stop writing career. Your research, dedication, and immersive style of writing stories and characters were fascinating, especially your spiel about primary sources. Also, I'm still pondering over whether you ate that bug in the field or not!

--Charlotte M.

It was very interesting to hear about her research. She really helped me understand what it was like to be in a fighter plane.

--Maya A.

I liked how interesting this was. It makes me want to learn more about the battle in the Pacific my Great-grandfather fought in.

--Duncan F.

She gave me a lot of good information that helped me understand the novel I'm reading for English better. She was very funny, but informative. I hope she will come back next year!


All of the research you do inspired me to research my book.

--Paul M.

I really liked how she told us some of her real life stories. She really helped how I think about writing--take a break and don't force writing when you are stuck.

--Braden L.

The thing I liked the most was how she described things. I could visualize the setting and physical conflict in my mind. I loved her stories and her description of the planes, and the Christmas story was the best!


I'm very glad she came and shared her story with us. It's always great to meet authors, and it was fun since it was related to our unit. I hope to read her books in the future. (Especially the one about Peggy Schuyler!!!)

--Lily A.

Thank you so much for telling us all about the planes and things! I didn't know about a lot of that. It was genuinely interesting and drew me in.

--Pia C.

I very much enjoyed her visit, and I am inspired to read more historical fiction.

--Talis W.

Thank you so much for visiting Swanson. Our students are more excited about research and exploring all the incredible stories found in history thanks to you!

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