Kurth Family Serving International Students at UW-Madison

How we got our start: Tribal Missions

Our family spent the past decade working towards bringing the Gospel to some of the most remote people on Earth.

But now, the nations are right here in our own backyard.

Now that we have returned to America, our passion remains unchanged to share the Gospel with those who have never heard it.

We were surprised to learn that many international students in America come from countries and places in the world that still do not have access to the Gospel.

We're currently at UW-Madison

UW-Madison hosts over 8000 international students each year. Many of these students have never heard the Gospel before.

Our family is working with Bridges International, a ministry of Cru to reach students at UW-Madison.

“It wasn’t until I attended UW-Madison as an International Student that I finally heard and believed the Gospel.”

Some of the ways we Connect with Students

  • Football and Hockey games
  • Ice Fishing
  • Meals in our home
  • Game Nights and Campus Events
  • Weekly Meetings and Bible Studies

We focus on becoming:

  • A true friend who truly cares about them as an individual
  • A resource, trained to help with things like culture stress and homesickness
  • A person they feel comfortable asking questions they have about Jesus, and how He could impact their lives

Connect with us to learn how you can help change lives at UW-Madison.

Phone (760) 965-6585 Email: kyle.kurth@bridgesinternational.com