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A Quick Look:

  1. New Spotlight + Rail series: L116, L123, L125, with new shroud and canopy options for spotlights
  2. New Surface Mount Downlight: L508, L509
  3. New low-profile In-grade: L339, L382
  4. New Linear: L113, L115, L124, L152
  5. New Pendant: L199
  6. New Bollard: L900

Spotlight + rail series

L116, L123, L125

MP Lighting introduces a new line of spotlights + rail combination on top of the current single rail spotlight systems. This series is designed with flexibility in mind to achieve a wide range of design purposes.

L116 Specifications | L123 Specifications | L125 Specifications

L123 trimless rail with L225M spotlights. Image shows suspended mount application.

The L225 spotlights come in 3 sizes and rail length can be specified. Whether the rail is required to be suspended, surface mounted or recessed, with or without trim, silver or black finish, MP Lighting has a solution to present.

L116 also allows linear luminaires installed inside rail between the spotlights.

L125 trimmed rail with L225M spotlights. Image shows recessed mount application.

Spotlights - new shroud & canopy options

While on the topic of spotlights, MP Lighting continues to pursue simplicity in design and as a result, offers two new custom options - Cylinder Shroud and C20 canopy.

Cylinder Shroud is currently available for L225 Medium and will be extended to all sizes.

L225S Specifications | L225M Specifications | L225L Specifications

From left to right: (1) Previous L225 Medium with Full Shroud and C1 canopy, (2) (3) (4) L225 Large, Medium and Small shown with new Cylinder Shroud and new C20 canopy
L225S shown with Full Shroud and C20 canopy. Installation at a corporate office in Vancouver, BC CA.

Surface Mount Downlights

L508, L509

L508 (1" height) and L509 (2" height) are great for both ambient and task lighting across different applications: restaurant millwork & wine cellars, corporate offices, galleries & museums. Surface mounted to dropped ceilings and millwork with friction fit spring clip.

L508 Specifications | L509 Specifications

From left to right: L508 and L509 (Black Anodized and Matte Anodized)

Low Profile In-grade

L339, L382

More options for accent lighting. Applicable for mounting into floors, wooden decks, walls, ceilings or other surfaces where a non-obtrusive luminaire is required.

Available in Stainless Steel 316 finish.

L339 Specifications | L382 Specifications

L339 (left) and L382
L339 application


L113, L115, L124, L152

Linear family welcome the highest number of new members so far this year!

From interior to exterior, these newcomers enhance the capability of the linear portfolio to accommodate a larger variety of application and design purposes. to be installed in concrete and other hardscapes of the linear portfolio.

L113 Specifications | L115 Specifications | L124 Specifications | L152 Specifications

For exterior, L113 is designed to be used as contour lighting for concrete stair treads and benches, and L152 with mounting bracket is engineered for brick and stone installation.

L113 (left) and L152 (right, on low brick wall)

For interior, Recessed to ceiling, L115 with occupancy sensor gives out the soft output found in cove lighting effect while L124 draws sharp and bold lines that bring attention to architectural features.

L115 (left) and L124 (right)



Inspired by our L225M pendants, L199 is designed with simplicity in mind. This luminaire is like a ninja - it can barely be seen, but the actions speak volume.

4W, 8W. Finishes: Matte Anodized, Black Anodized & White Powder Coat. 6 canopy options. Customizable stem & cord length. 3 beam angle choices.

L199 Specifications



Subtle light output, fully-shielded, color temperature no more than 3000K, this luminaire is designed with the same principles with its counterparts: giving elegance to the space, comfort to people and minimizing its contribution to light pollution.

Comes in 3 height: 24”(610mm) / 36”(614mm) / 48”(1219mm).

L900 Specifications

Thank you for reading through the news!

Before you go, have a peek at our current lobby renovation project with L182 Wine Rack and L225 on Single Rail System.


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