Finnish Lessons 2.0 by Pasi SahlBerg

Before the 1970's , Finland had an education similar to the US, with similar failures.

In the 1970's Finland Education System was-

-Mediocre and Inequitable

-They Had Top Down, High Risk Testing

-Participated in Extensive Tracking

- Highly Variable Teachers


The Big Plan


Enhancing equal opportunities for Education by way of transition from a northern agricultural nation to an industrialized society.


Creating a comprehensive public school system by way of Nordic Welfare Society with a growing service sector and increasing levels of technology & technological innovation.


Improving the quality of education & expanding higher in keeping with Finland's new identity as a high-tech knowlege-based economy


The Next Step

Finland had come a long way by the 60's, but they had far to go.

First, they had to get it to where Teachers were treated better, and got better pay. Finland worked long and hard for this, as they eventually succeeded in getting teachers on the same level as a doctor, or a lawyer.

The next step that they took was to give every teacher a government funded Masters Degree ( which is Required to teach), this also makes the competition more fierce, making sure that only the best are teaching their children.

Time to apply!

I feel that we can stray away from the standardized testing, and focus more on developing knowledge and understanding.

We can take the time to make sure that we are teaching EVERYONE!

What are your thoughts?!?!?!

Sahlberg, Pasi. Finnish Lessons 2.0 : What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? New York :Teachers College Press, 2015. Print.


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