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Muerte: Tales of Horror now available on Amazon Video!
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Muerte: Tales of Horror at Austin Screening at Galaxy Highland Theaters!!
Muerte: Tales of Horror Screening in San Antonio at the Alamo Drafthouse Park North!! Photos by Nimagovi Photos
Photos from our Encore Screening at Alamo Drafthouse Corpus Christi on March 18, 2018. Photos by Luis Hernandez
WINNER: "Made in Corpus Christi" feature film award for "Muerte Tales of Horror"
A collection of pics from the Premiere of Muerte Tales of Horror at South Texas Underground Film Festival screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Corpus Christi on January 28, 2018!
Muerte Tales of Horror featured at South Texas Underground Film Festival
Podcast with Monte Montana of C-101 about the film with Christopher Ambriz.
Muerte: Tales of Horror featured in the Caller Times.
Scream Horror Magazine article!
PopHorror.com covers Muerte!!
HorrorSociety.com covers MUERTE!
Director Christopher Ambriz is featured in We Are Indie Horror's Fearmakers of 2016 list!
Our Indiegogo campaign featured in Scared Stiff Reviews!!
The Date trailer featured in HorrorGeekLife.Com!!
C-101 covers The Date!
Joe Becker Interview about The Date and Muerte!!

Watch a quick look at the making of MUERTE the wrap around segment!

The filming of the wraparound segment of "MUERTE: Tales of Horror" started on October 8, 2016. The film is the latest project from Night Creature Productions featuring The Date, Mirror, El Cucuy and Pen . "MUERTE" tells multiple tales of horror starting with a story about a reckless young man named Zak (Eric Lee DeLaGarza) who discovers a strange "comic book" at a spiritual shop run by a mysterious woman named Ophelia (Berna Bazan Towns). Zak was sent by his buddy, Carter, to steal some "special" items from the store, so they could have a séance later that night.

From left to right: Spencer (Maggie Stubbins), Misty (Michelle Banks), Holly (Andrea Guzman), and Celine (Ashley Lopez DeLaGarza).

Appearing as a group of young, wannabe witches, Spencer (Maggie Stubbins), Misty (Michelle Banks), Holly (Andrea Guzman), and Celine (Ashley Lopez DeLaGarza) are seeking objects for a revenge spell against Carter (Michael Jay Anthony Salinas). Carter has committed terrible acts toward both Spencer and Celine, and they want redemption! But Ophelia wants more...

Strange things lie ahead for this group.
Nicole (Rianna Kristine Kirkham) and Cristina (Tara Allen) are about to make a bad decision. Carter (Michael Jay Anthony Salinas) and Zak (Eric Lee Delagarza) read MUERTE!
Evil unleashed in Muerte!

At Carter and Zak's séance, things quickly get out of hand as the creatures in the comic book come to life and begin terrorizing the group in the real world. Meanwhile, Spencer is plagued with horrific visions of the future and soon regrets what she has done. But, is it too late to stop what they've started?

Some behind the scenes shots of Muerte.

"MUERTE" is completed and Night Creature Productions is in negotiations with independent media distribution company, Cinema Epoch and Geno McGahee. The film is slated for Video on Demand (VOD) worldwide release in 2018.

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MIRROR the latest tale in MUERTE!
Mirror featured in Muerte Tales of Horror

Please check out the article by Horror Society on Mirror in the link below!!

Priscilla Fernandez and Kimberly Cardenas in Mirror!

Mirror is a story about a woman that receives a housewarming gift from her best friend. The gift turns into a nightmare as the mirror's true nature reveals itself over a nightmarish week in her new home.

The cast of Mirror! Featuring Kimberly Cardenas, Rocky Ramon, Celeste Torres Herrera, Andrea Guzman, Priscilla Fernandez and Berna Towns.

During post-production on MUERTE, we discovered we needed to add another segment that was more in line with what we've already established in the prior stories featured in the film.

So in January 2017, we added Mirror to the lineup. Working from a screenplay by Rocky Ramon (who also portrays Ryan in the film), it tells the story of a woman Chloe (Kim Cardenas) who's leaving a bad relationship and moving into her own place with the help her friends and family.

As a housewarming gift, Chloe's best friend Vanessa gives her an antique mirror that she picked up from a very familiar Curio shop established from the other tales. Also while moving in, her sister Holly (Andrea Guzman) notices some strange occurrences around the mirror, but soon disregards them.

Over time Chloe becomes possessed by the mirror and horrifying moments soon unfold as each of her friends and family becomes targets of the Mirror.

Behind the scenes of Mirror!
Mirror on IMDb!

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Watch the teaser!

The Date: A Tale of Love, Horror and Revenge is our most ambitious film to date!

Back in the summer of 2015, Night Creature Productions returned to the vampire horror genre with The Date. It's an action-packed horror thrill ride featuring some very ambitious practical makeup effects and phenomenal performances from Will McCann, Katie Loftin, Jessica Golden Mathews, Ashley Lopez Delagarza, Eric De Los Santos, Peter M Howard and Ronny Holiday!!

It fits perfectly in the mold of a comic book story and will be one of the central stories in "MUERTE". Check out our very comprehensive Spark page to learn more about The Date!!!

Watch the making of "The Date"

El Cucuy is reborn

El Cucuy returns in a Remix of our 2012 horror short with some pretty cool surprises!!

Check back for more details on our ambitious updating of our fiendish friend for Muerte!!

Various scenes from El Cucuy.

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