My Ann Arbor Coffee Hunt By Sam Brown

Did you know that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day? In a town like Ann Arbor, there are countless coffee shops to explore, each with a unique environment of its own. I decided to hunt them down.

Songbird Cafe

First up, Songbird Cafe. My mouth started watering when I stepped in here from the array of baked goods. The low ceilings, rustic furniture, and personable staff gave this place a “homey” vibe. My friend Sadie even spilled her Chai Tea Latte and they happily replaced her drink. It was a great environment for getting work done. One thing to point out is that they turn off their wifi from 11 to 2 on weekdays– so don’t try to study here during that window!


Second on my list was Teaspressa. This place has a garden-like elegance. There are flowers, petals, and neon lights everywhere, ou can even add edible petals and glitter to your drink. It’s definitely an instagramable place. There were lots of healthy, vegan-friendly options to fuel your study session, and don’t even get me started on the perfect playlist. There were a couple downsides though, my seat was cold and uncomfortable and the tables were too small to spread out. But that’s the cost of having a convenient downtown location.

Zingermans Coffee Co.

The next day I went off the beaten path to Zingerman’s Coffee Co, secluded in a warehouse. The ceilings here were abnormally high, so the place echoed. However, they did a decent job of making it feel comfortable by including lots of cozy seating in the corner. Still, the space was loud and hard to work in. It’s a nice spot to converse with family and friends, but young people at work should find someplace else.

RoosRoast Coffee

Next up, RoosRoast Coffee, located in the heart of downtown. This place has no AC, so it gets pretty toasty. If you prefer a colder environment, this isn’t the shop for you. The overall vibe of the coffee shop was enticing, and there was a mix of locals working and students studying, which was motivating. It was also relatively quiet with calming music. If you are looking for a cozy spot downtown, go here.

These are just a few of Ann Arbor’s coffee shop gems. At the end of the day, my favorite all around was Teaspressa. Go explore some more for yourself, and let me know what your favorite place is!

Created By
Samantha Brown


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