The Film Club of CSUSB

The CSUSB Film Club won best use of genre, holiday and costume at the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Contest this past fall.

The contest consisted of creating a film within 48 hours by using different props and given lines. This year it consisted of the same props and lines, but a different genre and a holiday theme. Following this criteria, club President Scott Romo, wrote the five-minute, award-winning script “Turkey man.”

Anthony Canello, a transfer student and third time participating in the contest, directed and edited with the help of many. Such as, Taylor Adams, production assistant and actress. Canello’s sister helped with supervising the script. Upon, many others that contributed to the success of the film.

Canello was one of the last participants to draw from a hat to receive the genre and holiday theme.

“We had two choices of genre to choose from and a holiday theme,” Romo said. “It was Thanksgiving and the genres were superhero or road movie.”

They decided on the superhero genre but promptly realized how difficult it would be to create a superhero–themed, Thanksgiving film.

“I couldn’t come up with anything,” Canello said, before calling Romo for assistance.

“I asked my little brother to help me think of a Thanksgiving superhero,” Romo said. “Turkey-man was his response.”

“I felt the concept was great,” Canello said, after hearing the name of the film.

Romo went to Canello’s home to write the film, taking two hours to create a five minute script. That tells a story of a turkey that is transformed into a man.

“A turkey is genetically changed into a man and saves mankind from Professor Sweet Potato, even though his own race is devoured by the humans on Thanksgiving,” Romo said.

When Romo finished writing the story, the rest of the crew got to work. Due to the contest’s deadline, there wasn’t much time to waste.

“Anthony and the others filmed it the next day,” Romo said.

“It took us five hours to shoot most of the scenes in downtown Pomona,” Canello said. “The rest of the scenes were shot at my parent’s house.”

They put all their efforts into this contest, uncertain of the outcome. Thousands of competitors entered the contest and only a few would win in the categories.

“We ended up winning best use of genre, holiday, costume and nominated for best editing, best special effects, best cinematography, best sound designs,” Canello said.

A giant turkey costume which was bought from a costume store gave them best use of costume. Along with the best use of superhero Thanksgiving theme.

A thumb drive contained the finished project, which was displayed on the big screen at Rigo’s Cinema theaters next to the Staples Center.

“We heard people laughing, couldn’t believe to see our work in the big screen,” Canello said, while watching their film.

Two weeks passed and he received an email for a second screening in the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

The 48 Hour Film Project is worldwide capturing the attention of local residents who aspire to create a film. It resides in cities across the nation for those interested in writing, shooting and editing within 48 hours.

The top 10 best films worldwide are granted a screening at the Short Film Corner in Cannes 2019. Also, the first place winner receives a trophy and five thousand.

“In the future I look forward to combine teams with other participants for the next 48 hour film contest,” Canello said.

The Film Club of CSUSB will continue to create stories for people to view. There will be a possible Coyote Film Festival in May for CSUSB students and the public.


Story and Photos by Evelyn Carmona

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