Adorable dogs at 2017 Salem WillaMutt Strut My photos of the willamette Humane society event

Yesterday the family dog, ZuZu, went with Laurel and me to the 2017 WillaMutt Strut at Riverfront Park. We go every year and always have a good time. (In the photo above where ZuZu is nose-to-BIG NOSE with a Great Dane, she may appear to be a bit anxious, but the encounter was entirely friendly).

Here's a "Glideshow" of photos I took at the event, complete with captions. Scroll down to see the many adorable dogs, and a few adorable humans.

Impressive display of balancing at a dog rehab center booth. The oval ball is used in canine therapy, I overheard.

This was a common sight as I walked around the WillaMutt Strut area. ZuZu is kind of picky about dogs she will relate with. There's often a moment of mutual sizing-up at the beginning of a canine encounter.

Laurel had the great idea of encouraging the re-use of unwanted t-shirts for dog toys and market bags. She handled out instructions for making them at home, and collected t-shirts in the box.

By the end of the event, Laurel had a box full of t-shirts, wth even more in bags that people had dropped off at the event registration desk.

I love the "cover photo" so much, I had to share it again. ZuZu tends to like big dogs, maybe because they're usually calm. Or... just because. (Who knows how dogs think?)

Good looking wolfhound. At least I believe that's what the dog is.

Traveling in style. This dog is ready to rock the 1k and 5k walks, or the 5k run, without breaking a sweat. Assuming dogs sweat, which I'm pretty sure they don't.

ZuZu pretended she couldn't figure out this mini-agility-course, so cajoled some treats from the booth person to get her to step through it. We have a brilliant dog!

I was impressed with this guy's ability to have these huskies on a leash. Of course, they're bred to be sled dogs, so I guess they take easily to being a coordinated pack. Which numbered four, as shown in the next photo.

Four happy huskies. With great eyes.

A German Shepherd with the Salem Police Department waits for a signal for his handler to show what he can do. Which is...

Bite and hold on. Pretty damn impressive. And scary, to think of being on the other end of the dog's jaws.

Dog photography is difficult. This cute little guy was jumping around in the grass near me so unpredictably it was really tough to get a decent photo of him/her. This was the best I could do.

Straining at the leash. I can't remember what was so enticing.

This adorable dog, Tessa, belongs to one of our neighbors who are friends of ours. She gave me a big Corgie smile.

Kind of look like Star Wars creatures. Or, furry dogs enjoying some licks from a free sample at a booth.

The Kissing Booth was popular. For $1 you got a big wet kiss from this cute dog.

Another Kissing Booth patron, warming up.

This dog won the Muttiest Mutt contest after receiving the most applause from onlookers for its mutty appearance and ability to do a trick or two.

Miss Capital City (who is part of the Miss Oregon pageant, I believe) made some remarks during the Muttiest Mutt contest about her love of dogs.

Dog greetings often start like this: two heads sniffing each others' rear ends.

Once that bit of canine etiquette was over, these dogs got face to face.

This pooch had a cozy cushion behind a booth while, I assume, its owner manned/womaned the booth.

Before the 5k walk started (that's 3.1 miles), ZuZu and I checked out the fearsome competition near the starting line.

This wiry streamlined dog looked like it would be a fast walker.

Stocky with short legs, but appearing confident as the 5k walk neared the start time.

As happened in previous years, as soon as the 5k walk started I realized that our time was going to suffer due to innumerable pauses for ZuZu to smell some enticing scent.

By the time we got just to the pedestrian bridge across the Willamette, 5k runners who had started 10 minutes ahead of the walkers were already passing us going the other way. But, hey, ZuZu and I believe in stopping to smell the pee (well, one of us more than the other).

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