The Harn Museam Experiance By abigael wahlen

Design of the Museum. This room in the museum is open and has mostly neutral colors which draws the focus of the viewer's to the art on display instead of the room its self. it is also a large open room which adds to the grandness of the experience. It creates an emphasis on the art which enhance once experience in the museum. This exhibit made me feel small because it was such a big open room
Medium of the Art. This sculpture called Kore by Anita Huffington in 1991 is not as exciting as other art pieces but when one closely views it they can see that it in not so simple. The material is dark but also contains gold in it and is very polished. Kore made me feel wonder about what its meaning was and why that material was chosen. Kore was so striking to me because it stood out quite a bit in the hall and I didn't notice the material was unique till I got closer.
Art and Core Values. this art work to me represented my core value of creativity and expression. it is obvious that the artist used his or her creativity to the fullest in this art piece and it invokes creativity in the viewer because it is the viewer that decides what the art piece means. This art work instilled curiosity in me because some may view it as paint throw on a canvas while others see it as a master piece. It better helped me understand that I cherish creativity.
Art and the Good Life. This art work by Justine Kurland called "sheep Wranglers" done in 2001 represents to me the idea in the good life of a search for meaning. Relationships are an important part of finding meaning in ones life and this is represented in this painting. Children taking a break under the shade of trees simply talking. I see this painting as calming with the simple interactions in it.
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Abby Wahlen

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