The Boy A Boy's STRUGGLE with his life

Meet Juan. Juan is a 3rd grader at the local school. Also he loves school. Juan is a Hispanic. Juan's dad was born in Mexico but his mother is a Hispanic, born in the United States. He loves playing outside when he has time. But his favorite thing to do is go to the store.
It was a beautiful spring day in May. Juan was playing outside in the thick green grass when his dad told him to go to the store with him.
Juan loves going to the store with dad! He loves to look at the toys and electronics. Every time he goes to the store with dad, he makes a wish list for his birthday or Christmas in his head.
"Hey Juan, let´s go to the store to get some food," shouted dad. "OK, I will be there in the car in a minute,¨ replied Juan. Juan leapt up a raced to the black mini van as fast as a cheetah.
Once they pulled up to the store, Juan was so excited that he was bouncing up and down in his seat. He firmly grabbed his dad's hand and tried to pull him along inside the door. ¨Hey dad I will be in the toys section,¨ said Juan. ¨Ok just don’t talk to any strangers and be back really soon. I will be around the food section,¨ said dad.
Juan was looking at the Nerf guns, creating his Christmas list in his head when he heard another voice. ¨Hey little boy, you're a Mexican right?¨said the mean little boy. ¨Yeah,¨ replied Juan. ¨Why don't you go back to where you belong,¨ said the mean little boy. ¨What do you mean?¨ asked Juan. ¨Mexico is your country so why don’t you go live there so that you can’t destroy this country.¨ Juan felt scared and a little sad, so he quickly left to find his dad.
Finally, Juan found his dad. His dad could see that Juan was upset. "Hey dad, I was in the toy section and a kid came up to me and said I should go back to Mexico where I belong." His dad replied, "Son let’s talk about this when we get home ok?" "Ok," said Juan.
When they got home, his dad asked, "Son do you want to know the reason why it happened to you at Walmart today?" "Yeah," said Juan. "Well son some Mexicans try to cross the border illegally and that gets on the news and then there are some Mexicans that are here legally but then people come to think that we are illegal here ,but we're not that way, ok? Do you understand?" "Yeah i do," replied Juan.
So in the end Juan understood what his dad meant.

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