3 things to ask when you want to Volunteer Give your time and build skills; Gain experience, let your interests guide you; Grow your accomplishments and your networks

So you want to volunteer, but you aren't sure where to start. Finding the right volunteer position can be a challenging task and it can be a longer process than you might think. To help you start your volunteer journey, remember these 3 important questions: Why, Where and How.


Why do I want to volunteer?

You may want to volunteer to gain experience and further develop skills to help you get hired; or you have moved to a new area and you want to meet new people that share similar interests to you; or you simply want to give back to your community.

All these are great reasons to volunteer, and they are also things to keep in mind as you begin your search.


Where can I volunteer?

Now that you understand the motivation behind your volunteer aspirations, it is time to get searching for an opportunity that best fits you!

Volunteerdurham.net is a wonderful resource for looking for local volunteer opportunities. It is a website that you can search for opportunities by:

  • interests
  • skills you have
  • skills you want to gain
  • location (i.e. city, near public transit)
  • organization
  • time commitment
  • what's new to the site
  • opportunities for high school students
  • keywords
  • virtual opportunities


Yes, I'd like to Volunteer!

Now that I've found a volunteer opportunity I'm interested in, how do I get started

Follow the given instructions to apply or contact the organization directly using the contact information provided. Ask any questions you may have about the volunteer role.

Be patient, sometimes the process of screening volunteers with interviews or training takes time. All organizations have different processes to take on new volunteers. They need to ensure their clients needs and the volunteers will be well matched.

Keep these 3 questions in your mind as you start your volunteer journey today!


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