My grade 9 self! By: Alexis delong

Some physical activities I have enjoyed this year and the recent years are, volleyball, swimming lessons, tae kwon do, basketball and babysitting and last years school gym class. Some activities I enjoyed last year in gym class were, volleyball, hockey, football and soccer. When i was younger I did swimming lessons and it helped me improve on my swimming in the deep end and now I can hold my breath under water longer. So some of these things have helped me become a better player or helper in sports and activities!


During the unit of fitness I learned to try to compete with myself and try harder to get my score better the next time I did each activity. I think I did really well on wall sit because both times I got an excellent, but one thing in the fitness unit I should work on is my 12 minute run. Most of my other activities I did, stayed around the same score each time but I did improve. I think they improved because the next time I did them I tried harder to beat my first score.

Field hockey

I really enjoyed the unit of field hockey. It was a new sport to learn, and to play but it was really fun. Some challenges in this sport are that you can't touch the ball with your feet and you can't use the back of your stick. Some challenges in all new sports are learning all the rules of the game. It's challenging to learn all the rules of the game because you could get stressed over all the rules thrown at you at once and if you mess up playing sport or game you could also get stressed.

Track and field

If I chose to participate in the Listowel lightning track and field team I would choose to do shot put. I would do shot put because I think I am better with arm strength then doing running events and shot put is my favourite field event. I think what I can improve on in this event is building up more strength when I get ready to through the ball.


To do a hut in football you have to do these curtain things. First, you line up with the quarterback which is behide you, and then you bend down and put your hands on the ball and make sure the point of the ball is on the ground. After that you look through your legs to see where the quarterback is. Then as soon as the quarterback says "hut" you toss the ball underneath your legs to the quarterback. Lastly, the quarterback throws the ball to someone that's open and ready to run.


I think volleyball is a popular team sport because a lot of people enjoy having fun in gym class and doesn't matter what the score is, it just matters that your having fun. Furthermore, a lot of people like having competition and trying there hardest to win, like if there on a school team and a volleyball team but your still having fun. So I think a lot of girls and boys enjoy volleyball just to have fun and maybe try a new sport if they didn't really know how to play. If someone was struggling and maybe needed some help maybe you could just give them some pointers how to do something and show them. Also, you could practice aside with them maybe a few times until they get it.


During badminton I had the opportunity to try both singles and doubles games. I enjoyed playing singles because I had a lot more room on the court and I think I got the birdie more. Also, it was easier to make the other person move more because there's only one person on the other side of the court. It's also easier to do smashes and tips because they really never know when your going to do them. I enjoyed playing doubles because even if you miss the birdie you have another opportunity for your other partner to hit the birdie if there behide you. Another thing is it helps when you and your teammate calls for the birdie so you don't hit rackets and mess up. So I really like playing singles and doubles badminton and I wouldn't prefer one over the other.


Strong decision making skills are important in secondary school because it's your decision and you can pick the right decision and have a good life or you can pick a bad decision and might not have as good as a life. For example, say your friends are skipping class together and they want you to come with them and just hang around "the pit". A good decision is to just say no thanks and go to class because you need to get good grades and learn so you understand everything. But on the other hand you could choose a bad decision and go with them. There are lots of decisions everyone will have to make during secondary school and even after that. So the right decision is to choose the right decision.

Advice to my grade 9 self

Here is some advice I would give a grade 8 before entering high school. I would say that they wouldn't have to be stressed about going to high school because in my opinion I think high school is way better then elementary school. You only have four classes to worry about each semester and it's more chill. Also, don't be worried to ask questions and make more friends and that you will have fun.

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