Doaker is Berniece and Boy Willie uncle. He is the owner of the household in which the play takes place. Doaker is tall, thin and foorty seven year old. He spends his life working for the railroad.

This is a line by Doaker "Berniece ain't gonna sell that piano" that was what he say to Boy Willie. On page 12. He say that because Boy Willie keep asking. This is a important line in the book because it show that Berniece is not going to sell the piano and how important it is to her.

Boy Willie

Boy Willie is Doaker's nephew, and the brother of Berniece. He is thirty years old. He has come to Doaker's house to sell their heirloom piano which causes a conflict with Berniece. She want to keep it for their family. He was in prison at Parchman Farm.

Boy Willie says to Doaker, " She ain't got to sell it, I am going to sell it. I own just as much of it as she does." This is important because it is showing his emotion towards his need for the piano. He wants to sell the piano and use the money to buy the land his ancestors were slaves on. Page 12.

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