The Struggles of a Man in Debt

The Halberdier

The english used this for decoration purposes and a sign of honor. It was made out of steel, felt and wood. The steel made the spearhead, the axe head, and the hook. The wood is made for the shaft. The felt is made for grip.

This area is a replica of Jamestown. It contains a guard house, a barracks, a blacksmith and such.

The Millery smells like lemon. I have come to see the dress for Mary but I dont know the owner. The air is stuffy and the floor is dusty. I dont know how Mary ordered it but I do know that it is very expensive.

The Governers Parlor is huge! I walk in and am told to stay in the entrance. Through the window I see the courtyard. The room as a menacing aura and is covered in swords and guns. I am told to go in the pantry but leave because I came to see what I did.

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