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My dream job is to be an executive chef. I want to be the top in the kitchen and have everyone respect me because I know what I'm doing. I want them to trust me to make the right decisions when it comes to tasting and food quality. The average salary is $53,000 to $75,000 a year.
My dream vacation is Oceanside, California. It is so peaceful there, and Disneyland is only about 45 minutes away. I would definitely spend my time at the beach and at Disneyland.
This is a very bad picture, but it is of a Chili's restaurant. This is a good example of bad kitchen safety. There is trash on the floor and there are spills everywhere. No one has signs up and no one is standing around them to make sure no one slips.
This was the microwave apple crisp lab. It applies to what we're learning by making sure we took all the appropriate measures for kitchen safety and sanitation.
This was the chicken ceasar salad lab. We made homemade croutons for this recipe. This applied to what we were learning because it was a HACCP recipe. We did the HACCP stuff before we made the recipe.
These are my best knife cuts.
This is a 10" cast iron skillet from William Sonoma. It is $30. I have always wanted one of these because they are beautiful pans and they are so worth it because whatever food you make on these will taste delicious.
These are eggs benedict sandwiches. We made these to learn about the hollindaise sauce, which is one of the 5 mother sauces.
This is the bean bruschetta. We made these because we were focusing on knife cuts and different types of flavor profiles.
This was the Halloween lab. It was a seasonal lab so it didn't really apply to what were learning, but we did have to apply what we have learned to create this safe, and sanitary food.
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