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Alfred Eisenstaedt, Polish born, American photographer. Born in Tczew, Poland on December 6th 1898.
Eisenstaedt, served in World War I for the Germans, at the age of 14. After the war he was eventually hired by the Associated Press in Germany, where he managed to take the famous first meeting of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
While he was in the press he took many photos of the German war leaders and Rallies.
With the rise of oppression in Germany after World War I, Eisenstaedt decided to emigrate to the United States. Within the first year of being in the United States he was recruited along with 4 other photographer to capture the events that took place in Hiroshima.
One of Eisenstaedt's most famous photos was when he captured this photo when this Sailor was reunited with his lover after World War II had ended.
Eisenstaedt was a remarkable photographer that took many photos of famous people, one being a photo of Albert Eisenstein around his 72nd birthday.
Eisenstaedt used his own 35mm Leica camera that made his photos more lively
Eisenstaedt won the medal of "National Medal of Arts" in 1989.
As you may of guessed by now he has taken many photos of iconic and political leaders.
In 1995, the famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt passed away leaving many memories for the world to cherish

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