Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. Annual Report 2019

In 2019, Boykin Spaniel Rescue.....

Cared for 115 Boykin Spaniels.

Received Guidestar's Platinum Rating.

Rehabilitated eleven (11) catastrophic cases. The most in our history.

Became rated 'Top Non-Profit' with Great NonProfits.

Reached a total of over 525 volunteers.

From Jill Freeman, Board President

Dear Friends~

As you can see, Boykin Spaniel Rescue (BSR) had another incredible year. From implementation of new programs to streamline our dog care to increasing awareness of BSR through events and social media, it was a busy time for us all.

As Jeannine will share with you, we cared for 115 dogs last year. Those include carry over cases from 2018, new intakes as well as our beloved Permanent Foster Care (PFC) dogs. Sadly, we lost 8 of our senior PFCs in 2018. Many of you have followed their stories and really came to know them and their stories. Our Handsome Harry-- the dog that started the Julia Horner PFC Program for us-- crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2019. We named our program "Permanent Foster" instead of hospice because of Harry. While he needed on-going significant care, he lived a full and happy life and paved the way for the 69 PFCs that have come to us since we began the Program. Our PFC parents have our eternal gratitude.

Our key initiatives in 2019 included expansion of our fundraising initiatives; increasing education (both internal and external); increasing our volunteer network; continuing development of three and five- year-plans; and reviewing and updating of our policies and procedures. While all of these are ongoing projects, I am happy to report that we have made significant progress in formalizing committees and work groups for each of these areas. Both Lynne and Jeannine will share more details about their respective outcomes below.

We seated two new Board members for the 2020-2023 term. We were honored to have had 12 exceptional candidates apply for the 2 open seats; and, we are truly grateful to those who were not seated on the Board but who are now sitting on committees and are very involved in our growth. BSR is proud to share that John Steinmeyer and Julie Cox-Seidel have joined our Board. John has a strong financial planning background that will help us plan for audits and future growth; and Julie will be incredibly helpful in our internal auditing.

As I have shared with you in the past, BSR works very hard to plan for the unknown. Whether it is disaster planning, financial planning or other areas, we strive to position the organization, the Board and the team to make sure we are as ready as we can be should the need arise. To that end, the Board has elected Richard Vitolo to serve as the Board's vice president. Richard is a long-time volunteer, has a strong financial background and is heavily involved in our operations. Should the need arise, Richard is ready to step in should he be needed to lead the organization.

I want to personally thank our volunteers for their tireless efforts and thousands (yes, thousands) of hours spent caring, transporting and volunteering in so many ways. To our donors, thank you for the faith you place in us. We ask a lot of you; we know that. And, we are humbled by your support. And, to the Boykin community--the Boykin Spaniel Society, the Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeder's Association and all of the regional clubs that support BSR and include us with open arms at your events--we appreciate you all more than you know.

So far 2020 is off to a fast start. We have many new programs that we have implemented. More are coming. We have had eight catastrophic cases already this year, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. We are here, we are planning. And, we are grateful to you.



BSR Alum "Ellie"

Total Intakes: 78 (5 year average is 65.8 intakes/year)


  • 60 owner surrenders
  • 12 shelter
  • 2 strays
  • 4 from other rescues
  • 0 other (veterinarians, etc)

Adoptions: 64

  • 8 intakes were placed in our Permanent Foster Care Program, bringing the total to 23
  • 18 intakes heartworm positive ( 23 %) vs. 24% in 2018
  • 29 required spay/neuter (37 %) vs. 48% in 2018
  • Average age at intake 5.2 years (youngest 7 months 15, oldest years)
  • Average time in care: 62.6 days for a Standard Foster (vs. 51.63 days in 2018), 144.5 for Long Term Care (vs. 142.33 days in 2018), 867.9 days for a Permanent Foster Care
  • Average cost for a Standard Foster was $660.68 per dog vs. $680 per dog in 2018
  • Average cost for LTC was $2361.45 vs $1817 in 2018
  • Average cost for a Permanent Foster was $ 2410.56 per dog vs. $2,050 per dog in 2018
  • BSR also had 6 owner surrenders. An owner surrender refers to a dog in which BSR deems the dog at-risk, and therefore is legally transferred to BSR. BSR will fully vet and evaluate each dog to determine the needs of the dog. Once determined, the dog will be rehabilitated until cleared for adoption.

On the surface, 2019 looked like a typical year for BSR with 78 intakes and 64 dogs adopted. Heartworm cases were also comparable to the previous year with about 25% of our intakes testing positive. And, as in previous years, male intakes outpaced females by 2:1, and our average age of intake remained about five-years-old.

But, that’s just the surface. While 57% of our overall intakes stayed in care for less than 90 days before moving on to adopt-ability, another 32% were with us for much longer with much more severe and costly needs. These cases included:

  • 2 dogs surrendered needing immediate, emergency ER vet care for obstruction surgeries
  • 2 dogs with cardiac issues needing evaluation and care by veterinary teaching hospitals
  • 1 dog with severe neurological and motor issues due to a traumatic injury that required months of therapy to re-learn motor skills
  • 2 dogs with seizure disorders combined with other health care issues
  • 1 case of severe neglect with skin infections and allergies
  • 1 dog in congestive heart failure due to heartworms
  • 1 dog with a hard-to-diagnose anal tumor
  • 1 dog with pyometra and an auto-immune disorder as well as heartworms

These “catastrophic” cases were demanding on our fosters who, without fail, stepped up to take on the multiple challenges of fostering a foster dog with issues of a catastrophic nature. The time and energy as well as emotional investment these fosters pour into these dogs is humbling; and, we are grateful beyond measure to them for selflessly embracing these rescues. The catastrophic cases are also demanding of our veterinary partners and our dog care management team who are overseeing the care of these dogs. And, these cases were also financially challenging for the organization, but the steadfast support of our donors enabled us to meet this financial challenge and see that each dog received the care it needed. Because of the combined efforts of the fosters, veterinary partners and dog care management team and our donors, we were able to help these dogs and that’s what keeps us going!

Lastly, I want to recognize our volunteers who continue to be the backbone of our organization! Each of the dogs we take in needs a foster. Most need transportation. They need forever families, too, and to get those we need people to process applications and make home visits. Our volunteer regional coordinators, transporters and fosters keep things humming; other volunteers step up to visit shelters; some work on special projects; and, others represent Boykin Spaniel Rescue at events all over the country. Quite simply, we could not help as many dogs as we do without these heroic efforts by our volunteers! And, as ever, we are making efforts to streamline the internal processes so that our volunteers have an easier-than-ever experience. We introduced two new positions this year: Foster Mentor and Special Projects Coordinator. Our foster mentor works with the fosters before a dog comes into their care so that they understand the system and our expectations from them. And, the special projects coordinator has (amongst other tasks) taken over expense submissions for veterinary care where BSR pays the bill directly to the vet. This simple task has taken the burden off fosters having to submit expense reports, as well as freeing up a huge amount of time for myself to manage the dogs in the system more effectively. It takes a village, and boy what a village of volunteers we have!! Thank you all!

~Jeannine Culbertson, Executive Director

BSR PFC "Lou Bear"

2019 was a very busy year for BSR from an operations and marketing perspective. We achieved the goals we set and are so proud of the Organization. From our online auctions, dramatically increasing the number of corporate sponsors, and recognition of how we run BSR, we made great strides. Here is a summary:

  • We held two online auctions in 2019. Spring and our Christmas in July auction. Both were incredibly successful and allowed people from all over the country to participate. We are so grateful to the many companies and individuals that donated products and services as well as those who bid on all of the fun items. Our auctions raised over $15,000.
  • We achieved "Platinum" status with Guidestar. Guidestar is the world's largest source of information on nonprofits and less than 600 animal rescues (out of over 18,000) have achieved Platinum status. To view our Guidestar Profile, click here: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/63-1260575
  • We were awarded "Top NonProfit" status with Great NonProfits. This is especially heartwarming, as it is due to the positive comments from the community. We are very grateful to those who have submitted their feedback. If you would like to view our profile, or submit your comments (which we would really appreciate), please click here: https://greatnonprofits.org/org/boykin-spaniel-rescue.
  • We have been very pleased that grantors and funders believe in Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. In 2019, BSR was granted funding by Bissell Pet Foundation, Healthy Paws Foundation, AKC Humane Fund, Ellis Olsson Memorial Foundation, Hickerson Foundation, Macamor Foundation, Central Carolina Community Foundation, and CSP Family Foundation. Your belief in our mission and execution of programs means so much to us.
  • The number of corporate sponsors grew from 23 to 79 in 2019. We are so grateful to those businesses that support BSR through product and service donations, portion of proceeds events and in many other ways.
  • We are very grateful for many that have stepped forward to host events to benefit BSR. These events are not only fundraisers, they are "friend raisers". They allow us to increase our awareness and to meet potential volunteers.
  • Our year-end campaign, "Heart of the Holidays," was the biggest in our history. We are very grateful to all who continue to support Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc.
  • Our social media presence continues to grow with over 17,000 followers. In 2019, we set up a Pinterest page and YouTube Channel. We try to post daily with success stories and educational information as well as thoughtful and fun things to increase engagement.
  • We now have many of our products from ShopBSR on a print and ship basis. This allows for a reduction in overhead, less human resource capitol as well as the opportunity to offer more products to a wider audience. We hope you like all the new and fun items!

There are so many that work with me on marketing, fundraising and operations initiatives. From writing thank you notes to collecting auction items, they always step up and make things happen! All are appreciated so much.

~Lynne Brown, Director of Operations & Marketing

BSR Alum "Aggie"

2019 Financials



With the large number of intakes in, we effectively managed the cost of care with 75% of expenses directly going to dog care (net of merchandise cost of goods). In addition, 39% of our marketing expenses are donated back to BSR.

New operational platforms have streamlined our efforts. Being fixed costs, they will sustain us as we continue to grow. Thus, a greater percentage of expenses will go directly to dog care.

BSR Alum "Gunner"

Our New Board Members (Term 2020-2023) and Board Update

We are incredibly grateful to our outgoing Board members: Nena McSween and Andrea Semler. They both provided incredible insight and are still a big part of the BSR family.

We are very excited to have Julie Cox-Seidel and John Steinmeyer join our Board for the 2020-2023 term. To view Julie, John and the rest of the Board of Directors' biographies, please click here: https://www.boykinspanielrescue.org/board-of-directors.html

The Board unanimously voted to elect Richard Vitolo as our Vice President; retain Jill Freeman as President for another three (3)-year term, retain Lynn Jacobs as our Treasurer for another three (3)- year term and Beth Crocker as our Secretary for the 2020 year.

BSR PFC "Gage'


For questions, suggestions, or to speak with our team:

Jill Freeman, President: boykinrescuejill@gmail.com

Jeannine Culbertson, Executive Director: bsrexecdirector@gmail.com

Lynne Brown, Director of Operations & Marketing: lbrownbsr@gmail.com

Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc.


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