2008 FCIA Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show San antonio- November 2008

Mike Williams & Jim Shriver (Thermafiber)
2008 Golfers - Ray Usher Memorial Outing
Brandon Cordts, Mike Pautsch, Mark Dietz and Tom Thoreson
Trey Hines & Jay Bridgewater (PCI) & Jimmy Castro (Firestop Logistics)
Jim Shriver, Jim Venezia, Aedan Gleeson
Derek Weippert, Terry Minton, Leigh Hayes & Eric Keeton
Mike Williams, Rob Korzan, Noah Whyte & Randy Perry
Richard Keeney, Paul Gauci, Brian Osifat & Scott Rankin
David Gilchrist, Mark Kelley, Guy Bradley and Mark Gilchrist
Calvin Brenning, Scott Groesbeck (Areva), Randy Bosswawen (Multicon) & Don Murphy (PPMI)
Craig Sullivan, Don Donnelly, AJ Hill & James House
Tom Hottenroth & Frank Rudilosso (Firestop Solutions)
Frank Rudilosso, Mark Heuchert, Jodi Clem & Tom Hottenroth
2008 Golf Champs Woody Smith, Nick Hartz, Brian Daly & Gregg
Mike Holmes, Ken Totherow, Nathan McCollum & Brian Wilde
Ken Slama (National), Justin Roy (Superl) and Bill McHugh (FCIA)
James Luna, Michel Dey, Scott Groesbeck and Deggary Priest
Jim Shriver (Thermafiber)
Jim Shriver (Thermafiber
Mark Kelly voted Best Golf Duds
Jim Venezia and Derek Weippert (Readington Burke) checking out the golf trophies
Chris & Julie Downey (CL Downey) with Ray Bruno (STI)
Randy Bosscawen (Multicon), Kevin Henry (Metro Home) and Aaron Shelvey (Fiberclass)
Don & Paula Sabrsula (Firesafe of Houston)
Nathan McCollum, Pat Tesche, Tony Fontana & Michelle Tesche
Victor and Rhea Wootton
Jay McGuire & John Thornburth (Fire Stop Technologies) join Dan & Lise Flynn (Firestoppers)
Patsy & Terry Minton, Eric & Ginger Dalton & Tom Hottenroth
Diane & Ken Totherow (Carolina Const.)
Ted Christ (Nelson) and Ken Gritter (Hudson Bay)
Bert Hugger (Apex) Kevin McKay (STI) and Jim Gille (J-Kaulk)
Trey Hines (PCI), Betsy Titus (UL)
New Member Pete Graham (RFS) with 2008 President Tom Hottenroth
Don Murphy (PPMI) is flanked by Mike Williams and Jim Shriver
Bob Flanagan & John Scott (Roxul)
Eric Ciccone (Pyrotarp Coatings)
Jim Shriver and Mike Williams (Thermafiber) educating Don Murphy (PPMI)
Travis Rhoades & Johy Levy (Crivello Carlson) with mock trial
J Hill (Bechtel), Darron Wright (Panduit) with speaker Mann
Diane & Ken Totherow, Mike and Rosemary Holmes & Gary Hamilt
Bill Hoos (JHC) congratulates Tom Thoreson (3M)
Outgoing Board Member Aedan Gleeson with 2008 President Tom
Outgoing Board Member Scott Rankin with 2008 President Tom H
Outgoing Past President Don Murphy with 2008 President Tom H
Aedan Gleeson being awarded the “You’ll never Know” “Award by FCIA Board Member Randy Bosscawen
2008 President Tom Hottenroth passes the gavel to 2009 President Bill Hoos
Outgoing Board Members Don Murphy, Scott Rankin and Aedan Gleeson
Speakers Gary Lewis (City of Summit) & Matt Weber (Connally

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