Penny's Adventure By: lora chernyshenko

Have you ever struggled in school, don't you dare deny it, but still enjoy it? That’s my current situation. Every assignment is getting harder and harder to keep up with. Trying to make room for more creativity and personal time for leisure. And you start to fall into a pit of despair and no sleep, keep trying to finish but before you do, you get another assignment. Ah, who may I be, you wonder? Well, only a 15 year old girl going through ninth grade. My name is Lora Chernyshenko and I bet you you can not pronounce that. Anyways, I think I stand out, not for being extremely friendly with a computer, but the fact that I’m doing a children’s book for the project. I personally think I can express myself more through words but photo 1 had proven otherwise. Not that I’m extremely talented to do so, but that I can also express myself through photography.

I was actually born in Ukraine, that's located in Europe, and am the only child that was born somewhere besides USA. I also have five younger siblings. I think since I spend a lot of my time with children, I tend to think more about children friendly things, like a no cuss-word zone near kids. I enjoy working with kids, I just can’t do it for to long, after a long time near many children you may find you easily start losing your patience. I want to do this because I enjoy writing, not nonfiction but fiction, and I wrote some children stories but it was always hard to explain and I can’t exactly give children the story and have them read it. I think with picture and easy captions the story can be very enjoyable for kids.

I think this experience in photo 1 class really opened new doors for me. I saw how there's creativity everywhere but that’s not all. I saw and learned how to utilize that creativity. How different angles, colors and lines can change so much in a photo and how to make photos that can make people wonder. I, sadly, don’t think that I would have to do any photography projects or use photography in any future plans. I do think I would work great to just distress myself from school and everything. There really is something calming in pressing a button and the sound of the sound of the shutter.

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