My Experience at the Divine

Spacial Experience: As I entered the Constans Theatre, there was an overwhelming sense of culture that surrounded me in the lobby. The mixture of paintings and sculptures made the aesthetic of the room. The theater itself was rather large, and I was able to sit near the front, which helped with my enjoyment of the play. In this way, the size of the auditorium did not affect my experience. As the lights dimmed, I was able to focus on just what was happening on stage, as all other distractions faded away. I think your surroundings have an important impact on your idea of the good life because they will influence your ideas and opinions. For instance, if you have been around a certain room aesthetic your whole life, you are more likely to prefer that type of room than others.

What a lovely program

The Social Experience: Before going to the performance, I made sure I was wearing clothes that were a little more dressy than normal. I went to the performance with a couple of my friends, and actually met more friends there. I also sat next to some strangers, but we all had one thing in common. We were all experiencing this play for the first time. We all didn't know what to expect, we all saw the same play, but we all have different opinions on it. This could be used as a bonding experience. Even if I meet a stranger in my lecture, I know I can talk to him/her about the play. These shared experiences are important for the good life because it can be a catalyst to new friendships.

Brett, me, Will (You may use this picture in your Spark Story - Will. You may use this picture in your Spark Story - Brett)

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The performance helped me learn more about my culture because it is a side of the University of Florida that I have never seen before. Additionally, the issues in the play can be related to our own world. Class struggle still exists in the world, and it's not a problem that is going away anytime in the near future. Being able to see and sympathize with the lowest and highest people on the class spectrum helped me realize that everyone has their own problems to deal with, no matter how much it looks life they have their life together. I was unaware that this was going to be the subject matter of the play, but I'm glad it was because I enjoyed the wisdom I gained. This subject matter can be related to my own life because I must recognize that everyone in my life has problems, and I need to keep that in mind.

I am more excited to be there than it looks, I swear.

Emotional Experience: Sometimes it is difficult to express how you feel, especially on subject matters that are controversial, such as how to deal with class struggle. By writing, performing, or even just seeing a play that deals with this type of subject can help you achieve katharsis. After the play you are able to come clean on these issues through discussion with friends or strangers. Afterwords it'll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders if you are truly passionate about what you believe in. I think its better to open up about your beliefs rather than hold them in for this reason.

Unrelated: Me and a very patriotic sculpture

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