Ski Trip breckenridge denver

Sun rises behind mountain, morning heat hitting my face while traveling towards to top of the mountain. I arrived to the top. I look around and beautiful view of Breckenridge amazed me. I put my gear together and start going down the mountain.

When I woke up I felt that I had a headache I rested a little more before I wanted to go to the ski resort when we arrived we immediately went to the ski rental then I got all of my gear and put it on then we went too the ski slopes I got too a green track called silverthore then we got on the lift and started to move first try I was scared but after a couple of try`s I got use to the lift after we got off we picked which was the left side first.

When we started skiing then we went down it was super fast and I started to accelerate but my dad gave me a bunch of commands but I followed them all and when we got to the bottom we tried again.

Created By
Hasan Memisoglu


Created with images by Jonas B - "Mountains" • Simon - "aiguille du midi chamonix mountain station"

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