CU 1010 Journal

1.31.2017 What time management strategies did you use last semester? How well did they work? Last semester I focused on having a set space for each activity in my daily life allowing me to mentally separate the things I would need to accomplish. I chose to study at my friends house or in my living room so that when I was in my room it was only for sleep. I also tried to communicate more with my classmates and professors to build relationships that aid in the completion of projects and classwork. I think that these tactics worked fairly well as it helped me to get a 3.4 GPA last semester as compared to the 2.5 I received my freshman year. I want to continue these behaviors and acquire new skills that will help me continue to grow.
2.9.2017 Procrastination occurs usually when we're not comfortable. Reflect on what makes you uncomfortable, how procrastination has impacted your life, and what and why you prefer process over product. Procrastination seemed like my natural state until i reached a point where I couldn't do it anymore. Being unprepared makes me feel uncomfortable which you would think would motivate me to complete things early, but in fact i tend to put them off until i can't anymore. In some cases procrastination has been a good thing and pushed me to design or propose something i otherwise would not have without placing those time constraints on my life. In things like papers or assignments process long term may be more important than product, but in that moment when my homework is due in an hour and i just started the final product seems extremely important.
When interacting with professors I used to feel really uncomfortable as I regard them as my instructors and superiors rather than someone I can work with. Since this year I have worked very hard to change that attitude and allow my professors to be copilots within my educational experience. One of the things that really helped me to bridge this gap was having one of my teachers require meetings that checked in on progress and mood of the class. This allowed me to have a safe space to express my frustrations and fears about the class and opened me up to the idea that professors want to help just as much as you need help.
2.16.2017 After taking the Test Preparation inventory, I found that I have 7 yeses and 5 nos. Out of the no’s, some of the things I never thought to consider are getting a good night’s rest before the test. Especially considering that in this inventory they believe that it may be the determining factor in performance. The positive things that I found that I did were consistently working with classmates to review material and trying to take advantages of things like homework and study guides. Some things I would like to change about my test preparation is consulting my instructor and making an effort to fully understand the material before trying to work on it. I think this would help to ensure that I process the material step by step instead of trying to understand the whole.
4.4.2017 What permanent changes have you made this semester compared to past semesters, and how do you think that will affect your final exam preparation? This semester one of the big changes i have tried to make are interacting with my classmates and professors. Establishing that personal relationship with people really seems to help when it comes down to things like studying and


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