Self-Reflection what this means to me

To reflect on this year I feel like I've learned a lot. Especially being the Co-Editor-in Chief and having the responsibility to lead my peers. Throughout this semester I feel like I've been an active member of Torch and an excellent team member. Coming into this year I wasn't sure how'd I'd be at handling my editor position. I think I've exceeded my expectation. I've helped others, set deadlines, wrote stories, and lots more. Something I would want to improve on next semester is writing more stories for Torch web. Lately I haven't been focusing on writing, but more editing and social media. I look forward to what the next semester has in store for me.

Second semester I feel like I learned a lot. I focused more on photography skills and I did more stories than first semester. I think Jenna and I got better at keeping web and twitter more active every day by tweeting out and posting at least one story. Next year we could approve on writing and publishing more important stories that are timely and have relevant impact. I look forward to next year.

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