God's Plague and Promise Relief may be in sight for those suffering

Recent grumbling against God's provision has resulted in a terrible plague. Families from all twelve tribes of Israel have reported deadly encounters with fiery serpents. There have been countless deaths and the devastation is widespread. However, hope may be in sight.

In a recent interview, Moses, the leader of the Israelites, said relief can be found for those bitten by simply looking upon a bronze statue of a snake he has placed upon a pole. He was quoted as saying: "The LORD said for me to make this. He said that any bitten person who looks upon it can live! You just have to believe the LORD will save you!"

In our nonofficial poll, we found that the majority of Israelites were undecided about this unconventional way of treating a snake bite. Simon, a shepherd from the tribe of Judah, said "It sounds ridiculous to me. Why would looking at a snake help me? I think I'll just stay away from snakes on my own."

However, we have unconfirmed reports of this method being successful. Ruth, a seamstress from the tribe of Benjamin, was heard proclaiming to her neighbors, "It's true! My child was close to death, but when he looked at the bronze serpent, he was immediately healed! God is great!"

In the end, it is up to the readers to decide: if you get bit by a snake, what will you do?


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